Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sometimes You’ve Got To Give A Gal A Break!!

I miss my blog! 

After two totally crazy, warp-speed weeks of nonstop events and working, I crashed!  I needed time!  I just had to take a break…from blogging…scouts…everything. 

Let’s  step back a little.   Last we spoke was the day of my 5K (recap yet to come!).  The weekend before that had been filled with extended family drama (Oh God), Girl Scout events and SheTeen’s and my birthday celebrations.  We were nonstop from Friday to Sunday night!

Monday was packed with the produce delivery, while Tuesday I baked cupcakes for SheTeen’s class to celebrate her real birthday.

Wednesday I took a bunch of young and cute sheteens to the mall and the movies to celebrate Ms. SheTeen’s birthday.

In between all of this don’t forget work…and school…and homework…and regular family maintenance (they want rides to places, clean laundry, help with homework and projects…and they expect to eat EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Can you imagine?)

Thursday night was the 5K.  Tons of fun!!!!

After the 5K we came home, kind of late, had a little nap, and jumped up bright and early the next morning to go on a field trip with the SheTeen!

Field trip over, we came home and scrambled to get packed for that weekend’s Girl Scout camping trip down in the beautiful Florida Keys!

Somewhere along the course of the day (thankfully BEFORE we got the car loaded and BEFORE we hit the road), FabHubs noticed car trouble ahead.  So after a few-hour scramble on his part (and some patiently ignoring the grumpiness on our part), he fixed it…(I LOVE having a handy guy) and we proceeded on our merry way.  Albeit a lot later than we wanted to be!  FabHubs and FabTeen We still had tents to set up when we got there!  UGH!

Sunday we rushed home from camping early in order to shower, change clothes and not look like we were camping anymore to attend an elegant dinner ceremony honoring Eagle Scouts from 2009/2010, of which FabTeen was one!  Another late night!

Monday kicked off early (too early) with kids to school, work, and produce…and the week went on in a similar vein as the previous week.  Nonstop event to event to event...

And I found myself overtired, overwhelmed, and overdone!

I needed time!  Time for me..time to do NOTHING (well, other than work, and school, and that family maintenance issue again!).

And so I did.  And while blogging was not supposed to be included in the unexpected retreat, somehow I just couldn’t force myself to sit down and think and type!

But I am back now…refreshed, recharged, and ready to go!

I have lots to share too!  From the 5K to updates on our fabulous garden…and don’t you miss my lovely organic meals?  I did (missed sharing that is..we still ate them!)

Welcome back…I missed you guys!


Trying To Heal said...

oh man you have been busy! i can't wait to hear about your 5k race; i hope that it went well and you had fun!! wait, i talked to you about it, i know it went well! yay!

i hope things slow down soon so you can relax and start posting more organic meals! nom nom!

jewel@fit-and-fabuulous-jewel said...

There you go..some organic meals for you! Nom Nom indeed...they were sooo good!

Looks like you are having fun in California...from Everglades to desert, what a change!

And the snakes...I don't know how you keep your sanity over those....EEEKKK!