Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You May Be A Mom If You……

Cry like a big baby during (of all movies) Toy Story 3!! 

FabSheTeen wanted to see Eclipse tonight!  So I decided to give her a rare treat (we are movie renters and never go to the theater unless it is a school field trip!) and picked her up from camp and we went to the movies…but since her BFF ended up not going…she decided to wait for her, so we opted to see


The 3-D version!  Don’t we look cute in our 3-D glasses?  I am actually wearing glassesses since I have my 3-D glasses on over my glasses!DSCF4214

Ken and Barbie fall in love!  So cute!  So cheesy!


Confession:  I am a definite movie crier!  Embarrassingly enough, I am even known to cry during touching commercials.

My kids tease me mercilessly all the time about this.

But this was not Beaches, or Terms of Endearment, or Pay It Forward, or Marley and Me, or even Bambi (yes…I bawled my eyes out in all of those except for Marley and Me which I will not see because I know it will make me cry and I don’t want to cry!)

I cried for the toys, oh yes I did!  and I just silently sniffled and snorted away with the tears streaming down my face behind the glassesses (boy was I glad to be wearing those!!  They hid the tears well!) when Andy’s mom came into his room after he had packed!  (Umm….my FabTeen will be leaving for college next year…it hit so close to home!)

But to cry at Toy Story????  LOL!  or for Crying Out Loud, whichever the case may be!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Like A Little Kid!!!

Ooooh I am soooo excited!  Today I get to run around for a totally limited (read..we are in a hurry and FabHubs will be the timekeeper…GULP) period of time in TRADER JOE’S! 

Okay…to many of you No Big Deal.   But to a South Florida girl who has no TJ’s within two days’ driving distance, I am like a kid on her way to Disney World!

Silly isn’t it!

Any Must Gets?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow??????

It is AMAZING how fast our garden is growing! 

FabHubs planted it on May 19 and this is what it looked like then:


DSCF3657DSCF3659 DSCF3656

Fast forward a few weeks to May 27 and it was getting bigger, and looking like a REAL garden!:DSCF3788 DSCF3789 DSCF3790 DSCF3791 DSCF3792 And here is a little snapshot of what it looked like today, June 6:DSCF3888    It is growing like weeds..ha ha…except for the ones FabHubs pulls out!

We have corn (tons of it!), tomatoes, broccoli, eggplant, kabocha, cucumbers, garlic, basil, cilantro, carrots, bell peppers, romaine, cantaloupe,  watermelon, and two kinds of strawberries.

In other parts of our yard we also have three blueberry bushes and six pineapple plants with gorgeous pineapples growing on them!  I need to get some pictures of those.

From years past we have a longan tree that for the first time is full of fruit!  And a little lychee tree we purchased and planted last year that looks kind of Charlie Brownish but I have high hopes for fruit in the upcoming years from it!  (we are lychee FANATICS!)

We are already enjoying basil from the garden…and the corn looks like it is starting to fruit.

Two major problems have been the heat which seems to really scorch some of the plants.  At first FabHubs decided he would plant corn all over the place (hence the ton of corn!) and it would grow and shade everything.  It was a nice thought…but everything was burning in the process.  He finally broke down and bought the shade tarp that had been recommended to us in the beginning that he didn’t want to buy!  It is making a big difference.

The second major problem is BUGS!  It is amazing how every bug in a 1000-mile range receives the notice when you plant a garden!  We have bugs we have never seen before! 

Of course everybody keeps telling him to spray it with pesticide…but we are planting an ORGANIC garden, thank you very much!  The pesticide defeats the whole purpose of trying to keep my family chemical free!

So far the soap spray seems to be working…but I have a new and improved all natural bug recipe the garden lady at Home Depot gave me the other night with garlic/hot pepper/soap…I will keep you updated on how that works once we make and use it.

Thanks so much to My Edible Yard for all of her advice on what we could plant down here in this tropical heat and for my monthly South Florida “what to do in the garden this month” updates!

I am SO excited and can’t wait until we are eating from our garden!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

What A Surprise

Remember when I gave blood last week?

Look what came in the mail for me…my first certificate!

2 gallons

At a pint a shot I calculated that to be my 16th donation!  A nice reward for being able to donate again.

Short and sweet today…have to go…FabHubs (who has gotten his 5 gallon certificate already!!) is calling me for dinner!