Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Super Sunday!

Today was SuperBowl Sunday…and while I am not a football fan, having the game right here in Miami made it all the buzz everywhere I went!

The weather was absolutely super too!  Our church meets outdoors and today we met under brilliantly clear blue skies with a slight chill in the air and no humidity.  Perfect!

After church I ran over to Starbucks for my blogger meetup.  I was a little bit late because I had a stop I had to make in between…but they were nowhere near finished by the time I got there.

I met up with Amanda from Run To The Finish, Meredith from Pursuing Balance, Jessie from Vegan-Minded, and Melissa from Trying To Heal.  Weird how blogging has changed the way some of us identify people!


We had a great time chatting for a while in Starbucks.  What an interesting group of ladies!

When it was time to say goodbye everybody kind of had the same goal in mind next…walking over to Whole Foods to do a little shopping!  So we all walked over there together and chatted up and down the aisles.

I hadn’t eaten since before I had left for church that morning and I was craving a fresh juice…but when I saw the green juice I wanted was nearly $10.00 ($10.00!!!!! for juice) I decided I would just head home and juice my own!

Back at home, ravenous now, I made my favorite blend of carrot/apple/ginger/beet/parsley.  I really wanted to down the whole thing myself…but I had to share with the family!!!


DSCF6247  DSCF6246Then inspiration took over and I decided to compete with FabHubs over the kitchen!

He was making us homemade pizza and guacamole for dinner and snacks…and out of the blue I had a weird driving need to make juice pulp muffins!

So side by side we worked…he rolling out the pizza dough and chopping veggies…DSCF0129

Me throwing ingredients into a bowl for my juice pulp muffins.  Some of us (hint, not me) were a little less thrilled about the space sharing than others!  Good thing we have a double oven so I could have my own!

I found this fantastic recipe on this blog I fell in love with and used it as a basis for my muffins, tweaking it here and there to make it my own.

I doubled the recipe since I had plenty of juice pulp!  I used one cup of spelt flour and one cup regular.  I also threw in some golden raisins, I had some fresh organic cranberries on hand (YAY!), and even some organic orange peel.

DSCF0122 DSCF0123 DSCF0124 DSCF0125

Sweetened by honey and no oil added, these are quite healthy.

I mixed all of the ingredients together but they seemed really dry for muffins…so I added a little bit of apple juice for extra moisture.  (I would have preferred to use orange juice if I had any!)

They were still thicker than most muffin batters…but I was afraid to add too much so I just went with it this thick.  I scooped up big handfuls and molded them into balls and placed them in the muffin pan….where ACK!  They looked just like mini meatloaves!!!! DSCF0126  DSCF0128While they cooked I snacked on our homemade guac with my new snack love,  Stacy’s Naked pita chips.DSCF0130Then the pizza was ready…custom-made for various tastes….my half has ricotta, portobellas, pineapple, tomatoes, green peppers,  garlic, and onion.

YUM!DSCF0132 DSCF0134 And finally the meatloa….er I mean muffins were ready! 


They were a little dense but still pretty good!  Everyone liked them except….FabHubs of course!

He still made “the face” but on a scale of faces it was not a “10” face (which means I hate this…where is my steak and sausage…don’t you ever make this again) but more like a “3” face (not my favorite and a tad too healthy for my tastes, but I will eat just this one). 

Good enough for me!

Okay…Superbowl is over..Saints are winners and I am tired on this superfun day!

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