Saturday, July 3, 2010

No Lights, No Phone, No Motorcar…Not A Single Luxury!!!!!!

For those of you too young to recognize it…that would be from the theme from Gilligan’s Island…and except for the island surrounded by water part, that is exactly how I lived for a few weeks while I was off in Virginia with FabTeen, being mountain men!

We lived in a camp, learned 17th century crafts and even had to dress the part or we were considered “naked” and couldn’t participate!

DSCF4013 This was my home away from home:DSCF4143

My cot is the one on the right without the mosquito netting!



See how the walls of the tent don’t go all the way to the floor…and the slats in my wooden pallet floor?  These were welcoming open doors for my multiple roommates!

DSCF4161 DSCF4156  DSCF4158 DSCF4049 DSCF4047YES!   They are as big and scary as they look!  I HATED them!!!  and I HATED going to bed! 

Susanna (my human roommate and much preferred to the spidery ones) and I had a nightly bedtime ritual that sadly did not include hot cocoa and bedtime stories.  Instead we would call in one of the nonspider fearing men to remove by hand a dozen or so spiders from our tent….no matter…every single night, by the middle of the night, new ones had moved in! 

The closeup is the back of my tent…the little structure up hill is the bathroom!  No running water…and I always did spider and snake checks before I sat down!DSCF4146

This was our little “village” in the woods, with the fire in the center and the tents all around it:DSCF4142DSCF4141

We built fires and cooked all of our meals over it…DSCF4012

DSCF4015 DSCF4008DSCF4001 DSCF4002 DSCF4003Showers were also very primitive…and were a 25 minute hike there and back into “town” which translates to base camp (where FabHubs and FabStepson were!)DSCF4060 I even had company in the shower!DSCF4061Sounds like a lot of work and struggles…but still I had a lot of fun and did a lot of firsts…I learned how to blacksmith! DSCF4029 DSCF4030  Like Mother, Like Son… DSCF4023  I learned how to start a fire without matches…using flint and steel!DSCF4038DSCF4042 DSCF4043 DSCF4044 DSCF4045 I filled my water bottle from this pump….I was surprised the water tasted really good..I am very picky about my water too!DSCF4046Learned some old-fashioned games:DSCF4074Learned to weave…and I am much better at weaving than blacksmithing!   DSCF4078 DSCF4079  Made a sheath, and then made a knife to put in the sheath: DSCF4056DSCF4133 DSCF4130   Learned how to load and shoot a black powder rifle (and it turns out I am a pretty good shot too!)

DSCF4087 DSCF4088 DSCF4089 DSCF4090 DSCF4091DSCF4082  DSCF4084 DSCF4085 DSCF4086

DSCF4096        DSCF4094While I did dread the nights, in spite of the spiders I had such a great time! 

There is so much more that I did…but this post is getting long!  And since this is a food blog I know you are curious how I handled the food part!

So  I will be writing another post about how I managed too eat while I was in totally meat-based environment with no access to my yummy organics or grocery!

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Kate said...

What fun!! Wish I could go camping this summer!