Monday, July 20, 2009

Day One

After my surprise weigh-in on Day One morning, so far the day is going pretty well.

At first I was starving, even after my breakfast of 24 (yes...I counted!) frosted mini-wheats. But as I started to get into my day, I realized about half an hour to 45 minutes after breakfast that I was actually feeling comfortable and not so hungry anymore.

So I planned to get some work done and then find time today to go to the store to stock up on my produce. Apparently DH didn't buy most of it off of the list when he went yesterday and I need to make a mad dash to get the rest of my supplies for lunch and dinner.

The blip in the schedule came at lunchtime when I hadn't yet made it to the store and now was missing ingredients for my planned lunch! Back to starving again!

So I thought about what we had and whipped up an egg salad sandwich based on the WW recipe of 2 whole eggs and 2 egg whites, mixed up with light mayo and seasonings, split between two people. I shared with DS and gave him the two extra egg yolks so it worked out perfectly!

Now that we have eaten, it is off to the store to get the rest of my stuff for the day.

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