Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day Three...So Far So Good

While I sort of abandoned my postings and updates, I am proud to say I have not abandoned Weight Watchers yet!

Planning and shopping for the menu for the whole week sure has made a difference in sticking with it and so far everything has been going GREAT!

I have been sticking to my points without any problems. Yesterday I was full and ate really well and still had two points left over.

Today, Day Three, is the first day I have dipped into my weekly allowance points, which I am trying to save for the weekend....with Hubby home and cooking I know my weekends will be more challenging.

I have been meaning to post my menus as well. I don't know, between work, kids, scouts, website, and now cooking and tracking, if I will be able to do this daily, but I will do my best.

Speaking of cooking, I am sure one of the best side effects of this whole Weight Watchers plan in our household for Hubby (who doesn't need WW!) is that he seems to have lost his job of cooking dinner! I have somehow slipped into this role myself...haven't decided if it is good or bad yet though.

Now about my meals:

Breakfast has been pretty consistent with 24 Frosted Mini-Wheats, one-half cup of fat-free milk, and my usual coffee. I am surprised at how well this is satisfying me and holding me off until lunchtime or snack time. This morning I did add a beautiful ripe nectarine to the cereal was ready and I just couldn't resist it. I do LOVE summer fruit!

Total Breakfast = 5 points

I took the kids to the movies today for the summer free family fun movie. We saw Nim's Island which I hadn't seen before. It was cute. Anyway, I snuck in my bottle of water and a baggie with 9 Quaker Rice Snacks...the cheddar flavor (which were BOGO at Publix this week!)

Snack = 2 points

Next was lunch which was incredible!!! I am going to have to have this one again tomorrow...and I think it will be a staple around here. First I sliced a thick slice of eggplant, spritzed it on both sides with some olive oil spray, and stuck it on the George Foreman grill.

Then I took a whole wheat roll and on one side put a nice pile of baby mixed greens and then topped that with some jarred roasted red peppers. I measured one-quarter cup of goat cheese (Only 2 points!!!) and spread that on the top of the roll. When the eggplant was nicely grilled, I sprinkled it with a little Adobo seasoning, stuck it on top of the roasted red peppers and was good to go. This was delicious!!!! and only 5 points for the whole thing! I also had a cup of raw carrots on the side.

Lunch = 5 points

Now all was going well...and I had dinner, snack, and dessert for the rest of the day planned...until my son decided to make a low-fat yogurt banana smoothie. Even though it was low-fat, it's 5 points would take me over the day...even after eliminating snack and dessert! But it looked so good and everyone was having some so I did too. Now I only had a small glass and it was really hard to determine the exact measurement/point value so I guestimated based on the full recipe. I think I probably had less than 5 points' worth...but since that is what came up in the recipe builder, that is what I went with.

Snack = 5 points

Finally came dinner. Another divine meal! We marinated salmon in a little olive oil, lime juice, TONS of garlic, and an onion all day. At dinnertime I threw this under the broiler and added some steamed broccoli and a cup of brown rice. I measured out 4 ounces of salmon, which compared to everybody else's portion at the table looked pitiful...and at this point I started to feel a little deprived...but I talked myself out of having some more and slowly finished my rice and broccoli first, saving that delicious salmon for last, and I was fine.

I did decide to go ahead and dip into my Weekly Allowance for 2 more points though and have a Weight Watchers English Toffee ice cream bar...while everybody else had chocolate haystacks (7 points per cookie!)

Dinner and Dessert = 10 points

Total for the day = 27 points, going over by 3 points!

Overall I am feeling only concern at this point is that, even though I am following plan and staying satisfied, most of the time I am feeling a little too satified!!! I going to have a drop in weight on my first weigh-in?

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