Sunday, August 2, 2009

Week Two Finishes...and All Is Well

So far so very good...and I feel great! I was worried, stressed, nervous, and concerned that I would be hungry and not be able to stick to this...especially with my fabulous cook of a husband and his traditional weekend breakfasts!

But so far I have managed to stay within my points and enjoy some great meals!

Today is the last day of Week Two and I have 3.5 of my weekly allowance left over, and I didn't touch the 4 APs I managed to earn this week!

YAY Me!!!!

Week One, which I didn't report, I was down 6 lbs. Weigh-In for Week Two will be tomorrow. I am kind of excited. I don't FEEL down in weight...but I cheated on weighing in during the week (mostly because I have been eating so well I didn't feel like I was losing and had to peek!) and I know I am down at least 2 pounds.

Two weeks into this I realize a few things:

I never took "starting" photos. I do have photos of me...but it would have been nice to get some posed photos for comparison as I lose weight. I will try to do a monthly photo comparison.

I never took measurements. I bought the measuring tape...even went so far one night as to bring my WW journal and the tape measure into the bedroom so I could take the measurements in the morning...but in the morning I forgot all about it!!!!! Another thing I want to do ASAP. blogs go, so far this is a BLAHG! I need to start adding more photos. My intentions starting out were to make this a meal journal, mainly a photo journal of my meals, but I have been quite remiss on this. Maybe I can step that up!

Planning is crucial for me! If I plan my meals, snacks, desserts...then I seem to have less trouble staying in points. Also, I do have a few low-point meals that are delicious and filling...that I LOVE. Having these have helped me on days when I want to be conservative in my points and not go over my dailies.

I do find that there are many changes in the plan since I was on it years ago that have made it much easier for me to eat the same meals as my family, feel full and satisfied, and mostly not feel deprived at all. Today I ate bacon and eggs with the family...tacos for dinner with sour cream (reduced fat of course), and yes...I even got to eat a half-cup of Publix Chocolate Trinity ice cream with the rest of the family was heaven!

So all that being said, I am ready to wrap up Week One and excited about my weigh-in tomorrow. Hopefully I will be disciplined enough to take photos of meals and actually post them...and blog a little more faithfully, but overall I am mostly happy to be staying on plan so easily.

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