Monday, August 31, 2009

A Hungry Day

After my delicious and energizing Green Monster this morning, and a walk (in 90+ degree heat and 60% humidity…YUCK) I was pretty good until around 10:30 a.m.  I held myself off until about 11:30 when I finally had a package of dried pear crisps….0 points but I never believe it when something is 0 points.  It has to count something

I was hoping the pear crisps would hold me off until at least 12:30 but no such luck.  The hunger monster was driving me nuts!  So I fixed a veggie burger (4 points) on one of the 1 point Arnold Sandwich thins.

YUMMY….but I was still hungry.  What is going on here????

I waited about an hour hoping to feel satisfied at some point but that didn’t happen.  Finally around 1:30 I fixed another Amazing Grass smoothie.

This time I used the berry Green SuperFood packet and instead of a banana I used half a nectarine that I had salvaged by tossing it in the freezer a couple of weeks ago when it was on the verge of going bad.   I added my yummy almond milk, a TBS of the flaxseed meal, and two more big handfuls of spinach. 

It was good….not as good as the ones with the bananas in them.  The bananas sure do add some sweetness.  Also, I don’t think I will get the berry flavor.  It just doesn’t sing to me!

Still trying to figure out whether to get the Amazing Meal or the Green Superfood.  I called the Amazing Grass people and left a message but haven’t heard back from them yet.

And while I was supposed to be working I downloaded Windows Live Writer which I had read about on another blog as being something to make it real easy to blog.  I had never heard of it before.

The download took forever and sure ate into my work time…but she was right!  This post sure is much easier to edit!  I can already see just by looking at the tools available how much easier it will be to insert links, fonts, and more.  And maybe if pix are not such a pain with this I will start adding some.  I just may be a blogger yet!


Karilynn said...

Bwah! I hate days where the hunger never seems to end. My SIL is a big weight watchers gooroo and loves to eat the 94% fat free popcorn when nothing seems to fill her. Apparently it's only one point and you can mindlessly eat the entire bag!
Thanks for the info about the writer... I'll have to look that up. I always wondered how people managed to have such cute blogs... now I know! ;o)
So glad you will being the biggest loser comp with us. It has completely transformed my life and I can't wait to finish getting to where I started with this fantastic group of gals!

Jewel said...

Thanks for the welcome!

I am still a bloggie dunce though...I didn't find the Writer to make it any easier to upload pictures! Do you have any secrets there?