Monday, August 31, 2009

Week Seven Begins....BAH HUMBUG!


OH this is so frustrating! I THOUGHT I had a really good week!

I walked three days and earned myself 7 activity points

I didn't eat my activity points by the end of the week...and I even had weekly points leftover. While I usually do try to eat all my weekly points, I didn't want to eat just to eat them up.

I finished my TOM early in the week. I even had a smoothie for breakfast yesterday morning...a healthy one! And ate really healthy all day...well except for the Tiramisu I had for #1 son's birthday...but I had plenty of points for that.

AND.........on WI this morning I was UP ONE POUND FROM LAST WEEK!!!

HELLLOOOOO????? How did that happen? Because I didn't eat enough maybe? I am still motivated but this sure is frustrating! Six weeks completed on plan and I have had two with 1 pound gains. Not fair!!!


So with all my Amazing Grass samples my plan is to try one every day and see what I like the best before I order. Maybe. After two days, I am loving this stuff! And I don't want to run out so I may be ordering today.

This weekend I tried two flavors of the Green Superfood in almond milk with some banana and they were both delish.

This morning I jumped onto the Green Monster bandwagon. I threw some fresh baby spinach in with a packet of Amazing Grass, just the wheat grass packet this time, not SuperFood or Amazing Meal. I also put in the almond milk, a TBS of flaxseed meal, and some frozen banana. It was good...not as good as yesterday's Green Superfood smoothie, but still good.....BUT...


Was it because I rested my muscles for four days?

Was it because I had a good sleep?

Was it the flaxseed meal?

Was it the fresh spinach?

Was it the wheat grass powder?

I don't know what it was but let me tell I started to walk I could feel some incredible energy that I have not had in a long time! I was amazed! I felt so good! I am going to keep taking the Amazing Grass products and see if this keeps up.

I personally have never been so in tune with my body so as to be able to follow the nuances in energy I have throughout the day that other people seem to be aware of. For me I am hungry, I am not. I am tired...I am...well I can't say I am not here because for the past couple of years it seems I am always tired.

I have been so fatigued, sluggish, and lethargic for a long had gotten to the point where I was kind of frightened for my future, I could barely move. This is why I have started Weight Watchers and am pushing myself to walk.

But today's walk was something else. It was the best I have had in years. I was so energized, I could move, and I felt powerful. Powerful for me anyway.

Right now I am sold. I will order some Amazing Grass today and keep track of what I eat and how I feel over the next 30 days. I sure hope this wasn't a fluke...but I am thinking not.

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