Monday, August 17, 2009

Where Does The Time Go?????

Yes, one minute I was going to post my menu for the day....and before you know it, two weeks have passed without a word from me!

With kids at home, me trying to work, sometimes this can be a challenge but I am not giving up the "documentary" of my success.

Good news is I am hanging in there and now am down 9 pounds from starting day. I am frustrated with my WW online tracker....I signed up almost two months before I really started (a girl has to prepare you know!) and my weight changed (umm...went up) a few LBs before I committed. And I didn't realize I had to change it in WW! Now when I go to do that it wants to wipe out my whole history and I am just not up for that this far into it. So while today I got my first 5 pound star from WW online....I am actually 9 pounds down!

Today was WI day and the kickoff for Week 4.

I am thrilled I am finding foods I love that make it easy to stay on track and thrilled I am finding willpower to say NO when I need to. The 35 weekly points have been a Godsend for staying on track. I am proud to say last week I went out for an unexpected dinner and had Chicken Marsala, which came with pasta, soup and salad and garlic rolls. I ate half my garlic roll, most of my soup (which did seem a little pointy), most of my salad, and half my entree. I boxed up the rest of the Chicken Marsala (which was sooooooooooooo good!) and made my son eat it for lunch the next day! My WP sure came in handy did the 10 Activity Points I earned last week working with our Girl Scouts weeding a park.

So, back to the present, let me sum up today's menu, which as of this posting leaves me with 1 point leftover....probably to be eaten later though!

Breakfast: 3.5 points
1 cup Kashi GoLean (2)
1/2 cup FF milk (1)
1/2 cup fresh raspberries (1)
Espresso with 1.5 tsp sugar (0.5)

Lunch: 3.5 points
Flatout wrap (1)
Eggplant slice grilled on George Foreman spritzed with some olive oil spray and sprinkles with Adobo seasoning (0) (Love that!)
1/2 cup spring lettuce mix (0)
Roasted Red Pepper (0.5)
1/4 cup goat cheese crumbles (2)
2 cups tomato juice (1.5)

This is my absolute favorite sandwich right tastes so decadent. I am in a phase where I can eat it every day and be satisfied.....and love that it is also low points. I sure hope I never get tired of it!

Dinner: 8
Veggie Burger (4) (I bought these at Costco and they are higher than I thought...but better than a burger and soooooo huge and YUM!)
Arnold Sandwich Thins (1)
Onion/Lettuce/Tomato (0)
Oven Fries (3) this point I still had 6 points leftover and it was dessert time.....I try to keep several options in stock. I have some low-point WW desserts in case I am low on points and the rest of the family is having ice cream (their favorite). But when I have a few extra to spare I will splurge and have some of the "good stuff" with the rest of them.

We have this Publix Chocolate Trinity ice cream that is to die for! But at 5 points for half a cup I usually have to choose between that and my two glasses of Merlot. I didn't have wine tonight so I had some creamy, delicious, full of chocolate things, heavenly Chocolate Trinity. And I still had one whole point leftover!

HA! I love that!!! Eating deliciously all day, feeling satisfied, and still losing weight.

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