Monday, August 3, 2009


Remember yesterday I told you about my sneek peek weigh-in...and that I was down 2 pounds and excited about today's official weigh-in? I thought for sure I would be down another pound. FOR SURE! No doubts at all!

So with GREAT EXCITEMENT I hopped on that scale this morning and WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! I am UP 1 pound from last week's WI.

UP 1 POUND! How did that happen??????

Since I had lots of activity and stayed within points, I am sure it is some fluke of lots of sodium or water weight or something or other. Motivation is still strong and I am sure that these pounds will melt off next week.

So today I will stick to program, take pictures, and log my measurements.

I will also do our menu plan for the week and shop....very important!

And maybe even post my menu for the day!

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