Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Weigh-In Monday!

Week Four begins and I am another pound down for a total of 10 pounds! YAY ME!!!!

Yes it is going very slowly....but I am happy with my progress and will happily take a pound less a week. Sure is better than the other direction.

While starting on a Monday seemed like a sensible idea when I first signed up, weighing in on Monday after the weekend doesn't seem too smart.

Because of DH's high caloric (high point) meals (12.5 points for brunch yesterday and that is low 'cuz I don't want him to make his 9 point biscuits anymore!) I save all of my WP's for the weekend. It is easy for me not to use them during the week but really hard to stay within my dailies on the I hoard my WP's for the weekend.

Of course after using all my points by Sunday night I always wonder if this affects WI Monday morning. So far, except for that one miserable week two, I have been down, but always one point at a time.

But I am watching and deciding whether or not to swap my WI date to Thursday instead.

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