Sunday, August 30, 2009

Amazing Grass

I recently was looking at wheat grass juice and I stumbled upon this product called Amazing Grass. I started to research it a little bit more and apparently I am the last to know about is all over the healthy blogging world!

It looked good...and I am looking to revamp our diets now and take it to another level while still following Weight Watchers of course, so I decided to order their sample packets.

This morning I made myself a "smoothie" and I am going to try to keep track of the different flavors so I can decide which I want to order. Too bad they don't have a combo pack as I sure wouldn't mind a variety and they are a little pricy.

First up this morning was the original flavor Green SuperFood. Into the blender went a chunk of frozen banana, the packet of SuperFood, and a cup of sweetened vanilla almond breeze. Later on I will try it with unsweetened...but I was not that brave yet!

This was really good! It went down with no problem at all and I could definitely have this often.

DH, shockingly enough, was disappointed I didn't split it with him....and it was gone already, so I made him one as well, only I used the chocolate flavor Green SuperFood. Right now I only have one packed of each kind!

I sipped it and it was YUM-O! He liked it as well and said he could drink this daily too. I am kind of surprised he is showing an interest...after he drank it he started asking questions about growing wheat grass and juicing it. For now though I think I will make us these as I have had wheat grass juice and it is YUCK-O!

So...thumbs up on both the original and chocolate Green Superfood flavors.

Later this week I want to add spinach and starting making some Green Monsters for breakfast, but today (A) I didn't have any spinach, and (B) I want to try the flavors on their own first to see what I like.

Now if only I can get the PreTeen to drink the kids version we are in business.

Great nutrition here we come!!

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