Monday, September 14, 2009

The Good News and The Bad News

BLECH! Durn weigh-in results!!!

The Good News is that I didn't gain weight. (that is if you don't count my little cheat hop on the scale on Friday morning where I had been down from Monday by 2 pounds and if you did, would have made me have gained 2 pounds!...but nope, it is not official and I am not counting it!)

But The Bad News is that I didn't lose weight.


I was active, I was down in LBs, I was mostly could a little bit of dump cake make me go up? AARRGGGHH!

Anyway...despite all appearances attitude is still good. Physically I am feeling great and I think that is what is driving me. I am back in full force today.

I have noticed a trend in my weight loss though. It seems that I stay the same for two weigh-ins in a row, gain a pound of discouragement (and weight) the next week, and then BAM, drop 2-3 pounds in the next weigh-in for about an overall, long-term average of one-pound per week (not exact math here).

And this isn't a precise pattern....but it is always pretty similar. A few weeks of plateau, an up...and then a big drop. Don't know why. But I sure am expecting that drop next week!

Hello better watch out!


Karilynn said...

Congrats on not gaining! ;) And who knows, maybe your scale is different from the weight watchers one! :o) Here's to dropping those 2-3 lbs for the next weigh in!!

Jewel said...

Nice thought but nope...I am doing the online program so this is the only scale I have weighed on from the beginning. In the same spot. On a tile floor.

I would really love to get one of those nifty scales that measure weight, body fat, and IQ and a myriad of other things...but that isn't going to happen right now.

And as far as those pounds...I second your motion!

Christen Farmer said...

I feel ur frustration but like u told me all we can do is move forward. Don't stress it. As long as u stick with it it will eventually show.

Sarah said...

Don't weigh yourself until the next weigh in. It is so discouraging to see stagnent results. Just keep up the move towards healthy and you will see results!