Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Survived The Weekend

and with only a small "negative point" value too! Not that I am happy about that...but it could have been worse.

First of all...I have no idea how many extra activity points I might have earned while camping. I don't think it was a large number because it wasn't a high activity campout...but it had to be something. I did make a point of getting up and doing every little walking activity we did as well as helping to cook and clean up rather than sit in my chair most of the weekend. I only gave myself 1 activity point for each day for a total of 2 (for the week!) but I know it could have very well been a little more.

Since we did the grocery shopping for our patrol, (all adults, this was a leader training weekend for beginning campers) I did take some liberties..such as buying the R/F cheese and R/F sour cream. I also was vigilant about taking only ONE HELPING! Yay Me!

Some of the things were hard to count...but when we got home today I forced myself to review the weekend and log everything in. It was hard to get an exact count...such as with the exercise and the dump cake I made for dessert in the Dutch Oven. I looked up a similar recipe on and gave it my best guestimate...(don't look if you don't want temptation!). I always guestimate conservatively too...on the lower side for exercise and on the higher side for points. I don't think I had a complete serving of the dump cake but I did have some, still, I put down the whole amount because I really have no clue how much I had!

Overall I went over all of my allowed points for the week, including weeklies and bonuses, by 8.5 points. Not too bad, and the first time I have gone over as I finish my 7th or 8th week of WW.

Tomorrow is weigh-in though and I am a little nervous. I know I did a cheat WI Friday morning ( I felt down in pounds and I just had to know) and I was down...but after this weekend I am not sure that number will still be down!

Crossing my fingers for tomorrow morning!!!!!


Vicki said...

Good luck at your weigh in tomorrow :)
That is great that you logged everything you ate after you got home. It would have been so easy not to, and also easy to have just taken the weekend off -- So Way to go :)

Karilynn said...

I'm way impressed with everything you did to stay on track. I think that weight watchers actually restricts calories on the lower end so you probably will notice that you have NOT gained even after all of that. Congrats on surviving the weekend, temptations and all! ;o)

Christen Farmer said...

it's so awesome that you didn't just give in and decide that you were going to eat whatever for the weekend and start back when you got home. i know that had to be hard.. good luck on weigh in.

Jewel said...

Thanks for all the positive support! I will post the WI results in a blog post today;)

At this point I just can't even imagine just "taking the weekend off" to eat whatever I want.

I think something may have clicked somewhere inside!