Monday, September 28, 2009


As usual, I am fine when I am eating at home, but eating outside of the house is a real struggle for me.

And this week  has been a whirlwind of a week.  Starting with last Saturday, we had a Rosh Hashanah dinner out, which also served as a birthday dinner for my dad and husband (each with their own cake of course!).

Wednesday night came another birthday dinner out for Husband.

Friday night we were out at a field trip with the school and ate at Golden Corral.  Yes…I am still a sucker for their fried chicken and I had one piece, a thigh, with skin.

Saturday out at a Girl Scout event all day….only hot dogs and  chips available…and I ate one of each (not one chip…one bag though!).

Saturday night, on to the Boy Scouts with a local campout for our troop that lasted through Sunday.  I ate the chili and rice that was dinner.   And a taste of the two Dutch Oven cakes that were dessert.

Sunday morning  breakfast I loaded up my omelet with veggies.   But still.

Sunday night, dinner at our daughter’s house….with homemade pasta Alfredo and garlic bread and homemade cookies.  With no lunch I was hungry but I still took about a cup and a half of  pasta with some sauce on it.  And while everyone else had two and three slices of garlic bread I limited myself to one, but I still had one and felt  guilty for that.  And depressed that I feel guilty for wanting to have a piece of garlic bread along with every one else.   And the cookies were large…so I cut one into fourths and a quarter of a cookie. 

I never take seconds…and I take reasonable helpings.  But still…after all of that, the scale is still UP a pound from last week.  It  takes me two to three weeks to knock one pound off…and one week to easily put it right back on!

And today…not because of the weight, I don’t know what though…I am emotionally down and frustrated.  I have to go to the grocery store for the week today, and even meal planning is proving to be challenging for me at the moment.  I don’t know what to do for dinner…I am tired of the same old stuff..and I don’t want anything too complicated.  But I am feeling overwhelmed by choosing right now.

And finally, we are coming up on a month for the BL  weigh in and I really thought I would have more than 3 lbs off in a month…which is where I stand as of this morning!

I really need to get back on my wagon. 


Karilynn said...

Okay.. so last week sucked! Luckily this week is all new and totally up to you! You can't beat yourself up over whats been happening.. just take the experience and learn AND DO better! You can do this. 3 lbs in a month is not going to win you any money BUT.. IT'S STILL 3 LBS!! Count those points faithfully and get back on track today.
NO REGRETS!! With every mistake... we learn! ;o)

Jewel said...

Thanks are so right! I banged out the meal plan, did the list, bought groceries and tracked yesterday.

rochelle said...

I LOVE Karilynn's attitude. Keep up the good work. It's a new month after the weigh-in, and you'll do great.