Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Having Go-To Foods

As I get into week 8...(or is it week 9...I am not sure) of Weight Watchers I realize that my saving grace has been my Go-To foods....low point, quick to prepare meals that I LOVE and am happy to have almost any night.

At this moment I have yet to be tired of them...and I do have them several times a week. I have an underlying fear, however that I will get tired of them at some point. Hopefully some more will materialize.

Right now my two faves are my grilled chicken/eggplant mix stuffed into a tortilla (currently with that delish Green Goddess dressing slathered on it!), a mere 6 point filling, satisfying, flavorful dinner that comes together in less than 15 minutes. The chicken tenderloins (which I always keep on hand) are done in 8 minutes on the old George Foreman, which is ever present on my counter 'cuz we are using it daily. The rest is done stovetop in a pan.

Now while I usually will not cook two meals, one for family and one for me, I will use this often when we are running short on time and I have something quick and very "pointy" for the family that I don't want to eat. Can you tell I just loooove this meal?????

Actually right now I am addicted to those corn tortillas...and I am loving them with lots of things, including the EggBeater breakfast burrito.

My quick to prepare lunch is my grilled eggplant/goat cheese sandwich, only 3.5 points for lunch. The eggplant is 5 minutes in George as well.

With both of these meals being my faves...sometimes I am actually finding I need to add food and snacks to make sure I am getting all of my points!


Karilynn said...

Okay.. because I am lame and grew up as far from the country as it gets... the idea of goat cheese makes me do that gag that 8 year olds do when you ask them to eat their peas. BLECK!! I'm sure I've NEVER tried it... but I'm such a baby! LOL!! So glad you have these easy/fantastic meals that you enjoy! And I LOVE hearing women doing weight watchers who understand how important it is for them to eat ALL of their points!

Jewel said...

LOL...OH YEAH...had 1.5 points left over and couldn't let that happen so I forced myself to have ICE CREAM last night...WW ice cream anyway. Rough isn't it?

If you like yogurt in recipes to give it a tangy flavor you might like the goat cheese. I am not exactly in the county...the county population is about 2.5 million! But I do like to try new things (no organs or weird meats though). I get it in crumbles that I sprinkle on. Next you will tell me you don't eat blue cheese is too moldy! LOL

Thanks for your are such a great cheerleader...not just to me but to everyone in this competition!

Ellura said...

Okay, now I have had goat cheese and loved it - in fact I visited a goat dairy once and it was so fun. But the eggplant gets me. My mom used to make it and I couldn't stand it - I think it was the only veggie I didn't like. Maybe I will have to try it again. Sounds like you are totally motivated - thats awesome! Keep it up!