Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Keep On Keepin’ On


Weight Thoughts

Today is a really weird, up and down kind of day. 

I have some frustrations that it seems the weight is not coming off,  and I have bounced back and forth between FEELING fat and then oddly enough, feeling like my tummy is a little down.  I don’t know!!!  AARRGGH!

I am avoiding stepping in the scale until Monday since I weighed in for WW this past Monday and then again for BL2009 yesterday.

I do know I have been working hard…this is Week 7 of Weight Watchers and for the life of me I can’t figure out why, with staying on program for all of these weeks now and even adding walking to the routine, I was UP this week or why my clothes don’t seem to feel any looser, or why it is going so sloooowwww!

What I Am Eating

As far as my meals today, I have gone a little “pointier” than usual.  I like to keep my breakfasts during the week around 3, no more than 4 points.  But today I opted for a bowl of cereal which included one cup of Kashi GoLean Crunch, one cup of mixed berries, one cup of Almond Milk, and one espresso for a total of 5.5 points.

I didn’t have the Green Monster for breakfast today and I noticed by 11:00 I was fighting a nap.  I had a ton of work to finish, today is run around and pick up kids day…and all I wanted to do was go to sleep! 

So for snack I made myself a GM, along with 3 fresh figs that were just calling my name.   This came to a total of 4 more points and I haven’t even had lunch yet.  I know I can’t make it to dinner without eating something either so I will need to have a low-point lunch along the way now, or dip into my weekly allowance points later on. 

But now I already feel less tired and have more energy…so this concoction seems to be working well.  I  have committed myself to having one a day for 30 days to see if I have noticeable benefits…and so far so good.

BL Blogs

Finally, over the next couple of days I would like to spend some time going around to the BL2009 blogs and getting to know some of the other BL ladies.  So far I am thrilled that I have figured out how to add them to my blog list…heck….I even figured out how to make a blog list!  But all of that takes time and somewhere in there I am expected to actually get some JOB work done!  Imagine. 


Elise said...

Don't worry. I KNOW it feels so slow...but as a WW leader once said "1 pound a week is still 52 pounds a year". Keep it up. You are doing GREAT! Just keep on keepin' on...just like you say...and eventually it will all catch up to you. YOU CAN DO IT! IT WILL BE WORTH IT!

Jewel said...

Thanks Elise! You are right :)