Friday, September 11, 2009

So What Happens When You Run Out Of Week?

It was bound to happen…I have been on WW now for 7 or 8 weeks (I can’t remember exactly!) and I have never run out of points yet. Two or three times I have had 1 or 2 leftover at then end of the day…but that is all. And once or twice I have had a couple of my WPA left at the end of the week…but again very rarely. I try to make sure I use up all my dailies and weeklies. I have even dipped into my activity points on a couple of occasions…although I am content to not use all of those.


Starting off with Labor Day on Monday, we had a neighborhood block party and I used a bunch there.

Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday I stayed on track.

And I planned on staying on track today….saving what I had left for the weekend (because we have plans this weekend…stay tuned further down).

But today at the last minute we decided to stop at one of our favorite pizza places and everyone else wanted the family special, which is one XL pizza (pepperoni for everyone), one dozen of the most delicious garlic rolls on the planet..soaking in garlic and oil and UMMMMM, and a pitcher of Coke. I was really irritated I had left my camera at home to share this fantastic looking pizza with you too!

So…I had ONE garlic roll and ONE slice of gigantic pizza and ONE glass of Coke. It was hard to estimate points…but I think pizza was 7 and garlic roll was 5 and I put down 3 for the Coke…and ended up finishing my points for the day and dipping into my diminished bank of weeklies I was hoarding for the weekend!

Then later on as we packed for our campout this weekend (yes…we are camping..Girl Scout training…not that we need to be trained we are old pros at this…but we have to take it anyway as leaders)….hubby poured us our weekend vino. Another 6.5 points.

So off I go on this campout with only 7 points in my point savings account…to make it through to Sunday!

I have never gone over before!!!! I don’t want to. But realistically I know I will. I will watch myself and track…but I will not starve and totally deprive myself either.

Breakfast tomorrow is at home…and while I know hubby will be cooking eggs and bacon for all…I will stick with a Green Monster shake. It is filling and should keep me until at least 10 a.m.

I brought an Odwalla energy bar for when I get hungry before lunch.

Lunch will be homemade pizza in the Dutch Oven and fresh fruit (the pizza sounds so good when our group planned it last week…not so much after my pizza today!)

Dinner will be hubby’s World’s Best Grilled Chicken (not too bad…but we did get thighs), caesar salad ( bought light dressing), baked potatoes on the fire with reduced fat cheese and reduced fat sour cream, and dump cake in the Dutch Oven for dessert.

Breakfast on Sunday will be Rocky Mountain Eggs in the DO again…I pulled for bacon instead of sausage as it is far less in points, English Muffins (hubby’s homemade…NOT Thomas’s), OJ, and coffee.

At least I was in charge of buying the groceries for our group so I could sneak in a few lower fat items.

I will also bring my almond milk and some Green Superfood with me in case i get hungry between lunch and dinner and can’t wait. I also think there is a good chance some of the fruit from lunch will be left over and I can snack on that.

BUT…I still think I will not make it through Sunday night in points. Oh well….It was bound to happen but I am not happy about it….and at least I will be somewhat active at camp this weekend.

Until Sunday then…have a great weekend all!!!


Elise said...

All you can do is your best, and it sounds like you're doing GREAT! Have fun over the weekend. You are doing a wonderful job of preparing, having a plan and carrying out that plan. Good job! You'll be so glad and won't regret being ultra careful! Keep up the great work!

Ellura said...

Hope the weekend goes good for you with your points AND hope you have a wonderful time. All your planning ahead for your points is awesome!!!!!!!