Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rounding Out Yesterday

Just to finish up yesterday, as I can’t seem to get on at night anymore, I couldn’t make to dinner without a snack…so I decided to have another wheat  grass shake (sans  spinach  but still green!) and a  Larabar I had bought since I have heard so many great things about them.  

No pix of the shake (how many green drinks can I put on here!!!) but I used one cup almond milk, 1/3 frozen banana,  and a scoop of Amazing Grass.  Simple but good!





The Larabar was yummy…but not 5 points yummy.  I could have easily eaten the whole thing…but somehow I was able to cut it in half and eat only half of it and save the other half for today.  I do like these…but unless I am fitting in a lot  of exercising, I probably won’t make them a regular part of my snacking because of their points!

On to dinner which was one of my favorites.  I don’t know why I love it so much…but I am glad I do because it is filling, delicious, and low in points!

First I made the Green Goddess dressing, again from Gina's Weight Watcher Recipes.  This was such an incredible treat and easy to make.   I was excited to find another recipe to use that tube of anchovy paste I bought  for the Drunken Shrimp…I was clueless on how to use it  for anything else and  thought it would go to waste!

This was heavenly…and only .75 points for 2 TBS!  Now I will have to have salad every night just so I can eat this dressing!

Yes..this is dressing…not a green shake…although they kind of look the same  don’t they!

As the blender whirred all of those delicious ingredients together and they became green, I start to  wonder why all of my food lately seems to be this color!

Sorry about the pictures…still getting the hang of putting them in and I can’t seem to move them!

So dinner included my green salad with my green goddess dressing! (which all followed my two green shakes during the  day) Thankfully nothing else for the night was green.

I had my sauteed eggplant with grilled chicken breast tucked into the corn tortillas that I used to hate but now seemed to have developed an addiction for!  I slathered all of the extra Green Goddess  left on the measuring spoon all over those tortillas before putting the chicken and eggplant on and that  was YUM there too.  No pix of these though.

After dinner I was pretty full but I had 1.5 points left…and I have been leaving about 1 point over regularly and  wanted to make sure I used it up this time…so  I had a Weight Watchers toffee ice cream bar, 2 points, and made my first dip of the week into the weekly point allowance.  I am hoarding those this week because we are celebrating the teenager’s 18th birthday on Sunday and he wants Thai food…and I know I want my favorite Crispy Duck in curry sauce…and that is probably most of my WPA!


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