Monday, November 2, 2009

English Muffin Recipe

For those of you who asked about it, the English Muffin recipe has been posted to my camping website.

I just sort of threw it up there tonight as we wanted to quickly get it posted for a leaders meeting tonight…FabHubs will be making them there, right on site!

But over the next few days I plan on adding all the step by step pictures to the instructions and cleaning it up a little, AND adding the basic recipe in a downloadable PDF file to make it easy to copy.  So if you want to print out and try the recipe, it will be easier for you to check back in a couple of days and print it out then.

For now, I am off to a Girl Scout meeting and hope to post today’s eats later!

OH!  And for those who care….each muffin is 4 WW points!

Happy Healthy Eating To You!

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Oh She Glows said...

Check out my blog tonight...have a surprise for you!