Sunday, November 1, 2009

Heading In The Right Direction

Both scale-wise and family-wise I think!

Okay… pictures in this post and I am soooo disappointed!  I was so rotten about remembering to take out the camera at all when we ate!

Friday we went to Naples overnight, about two hours away.  The FabTeen was giving a speech for a Toastmasters convention.  18 years old and he got up and gave pretty much a flawless, motivating, incredibly inspirational speech that ROCKED THE ROOM!  This in front of hundreds of strangers….many professional speakers, many others the best of the best in their speaking clubs.  I was so proud of my son!

For the drive I packed tons of yummy healthy snacks.  I was trying hard to prevent a McDonalds stop!  And succeeded. 

Dinner was at the banquet Friday night….of course I forgot my camera in the room….I don’t know what I am going to do try trigger my memory when I am out of the house! 

I ordered the fish but ended up giving one-third of it to FabHubs.  I ate all my veggies though!  He ordered the pork though….sigh…..

I did eat the dessert, a small cheesecake, dome-shaped type thing…and I really didn’t feel guilty at all for that.  I had eaten so healthy the rest of the day I knew a small treat would be fine.  I also had coffee with it, and a couple of glasses of Merlot later on in the evening.

Breakfast was a first for me….we went to the hotel restaurant and it was the first time I have ever ordered oatmeal in a restaurant.  I have always been a bacon and egg type girl.  If you had told me six months ago I would be ordering oatmeal for breakfast in a restaurant I would have asked you what you were smoking!!! 

I wished FabHubs would have ordered healthier.  He ordered an omelet and bacon and potato and toast.  BUT at least in his omelet he ordered all of the veggies, even mushrooms, along with cheese.  He didn’t have ham or extra bacon in it!  It is the small steps that count towards the long journey, right?

My oatmeal actually turned out to be rather disappointing, especially for the price.  It was to come with mango and berries.  I knew the mango was out of season locally, but I figured it would be imported and ripe at least.  It was hard, crunchy, and SOUR!  My oatmeal was mushy!   The berries were a little sprinkle of blueberries…and there was nothing to sweeten it up.  There was nothing at all served on the side….I had expected a little tray of fun toppings to put on it.   At home I use a little peanut or almond butter, agave syrup, bananas…but here all that was on the table was the sugar envelopes from the coffee  and I didn’t want to use that.  I was surprised it didn’t even come with a side of brown sugar! 

I decided after that, from now on when we travel I am going to be packing our breakfasts too….oatmeal packets, granola packets, almond milk, almond butter, fruit.  Most hotels now have mini fridges in them….otherwise we usually stay in places with kitchens and take a cooler anyway.  I will not be paying $6 for lousy oatmeal anymore!

I was also sorry I hadn’t packed my miniblender and the ingredients to make a Green Monster.  I really really missed one of those!

But very impressive to me is how my tastes are starting to change.  I can’t say I will never eat eggs and bacon again, although I would like to never eat them again, but at least for now I have no taste for it.  My body is starting to naturally crave, good, whole, clean foods! 

For the drive back we stopped at Fresh Market…I don’t have one close to me so I had never been.  It was great and I sure wish there was one close!  FabTeen and I had some brown rice sushi.  FabHubs had an Italian wrap.  He will be a hard one to change, that guy!!!!  I also got us each a square of Ghiradelli chocolate, mine dark chocolate, okay to eat in moderation, and filled with antioxidants.  Oh Yeah!

Finally, off to my mom’s  for dinner before we take FabSS trick or treating.   Mom made tater tots and salad, and we were to pick up chicken wings.  I was torn because I kind of didn’t want to eat the wings.  I ended up adding an order of sweet potato fries to the order of wings…fried, not baked, but better than tater tots!  I also ransacked mom’s fridge for veggies and came up with a red pepper, cauliflower, carrots, purple cabbage and celery…not bad!   So I went to work chopping and dicing and dressed up the plain lettuce with some colorful and crunchy veggies.  I put aside the salad bowl and piled a ginormous amount of salad on my plate, leaving very little room for anything else.  Then I took a generous amount of sweet potato fries…and only two wings.  One honey garlic and one coconut.   I couldn’t even finish the second wing.  I think I did okay there!

After that we ran home so FabSS could change and I got a nice hour and a quarter walk around the neighborhood.   I know I need to get out walking more!  It felt great!!!!!

I filched one dark chocolate mini bars bar from the candy bowl….and was sorry!  It was yucky sweet! 

Overall I think I did great this weekend!  Especially with all of the obstacles…banquet, Halloween, traveling.   I sure hope I can stay on this path!


Meredith (Pursuing Balance) said...

Sounds like you had an excellent weekend! :) Congrats to you (with your good eats) and your son (for his good speech)!

Karilynn said...

You are amazing! Your seriously inspire me to make healthy food choices! Congrats on your loss this month!! Here's to losing a few more this month! ;o)