Monday, November 30, 2009

Weighing In On My Morning

Exhausting!   That is what it was!

First, after doing the camping/tenting/canoeing thing Sat and Sun, we got home last night shortly after 9 p.m. and FabPreteen still had work to do on a project, due, of course, today

So I took the opportunity to blog about my trip some (still more to come there) while she worked on the project.  We didn’t go to bed until  2:30 a.m.

Bright and early the alarm went off at 6:05 a.m.  If I thought getting up Saturday was bad, today was worse!  I was am tired.  And I have a jam-packed day too!

Speaking of which, it started out, well, very frustrating.   First…FabStepson was dawdling today and we missed the bus.  Only we didn’t know we missed the bus because she usually comes between 6:35 and 7:45 a.m.  I finally called her at 7:50 and she said she had been there at 6:30 and thought we might be on vacay today!  BIG SIGH!  FabStepson is the only kid at this bus stop so I always call her if we will not be there so she doesn’t have to make the stop.  And his school is not close.  And FabPreteen was still finishing up that project this morning!  I was frustrated that she didn’t call me!  We must have missed the bus by less than 30 seconds because we were there by 6:31.

While waiting for the bus that never came, FabTeen kept calling, looking for my Costco card to get gas.  But my wallet was nowhere to be found.  So he left without it and I came home to look for it.  Nope!  I had put my stuff in big ziplocks for canoeing and it wasn’t in my big ziplock.  And it wasn’t in the car.  And that was frustration #2!  BIG SIGH!

So now we pile into the car and are on our way…to FPT’ school first, then FSS next…without my wallet so I have my fingers crossed I don’t cross paths with any police types this a.m.   And then I realize…I don’t have my phone either!  By now the kids are in peals of laughter making fun of my day!  BIG SIGH!

As we pull up to FPT’s  school, the convenient little  side gate is still open…we are actually early for her and the side gate usually stays open for another 10 minutes.  And, luckily enough, there is a nice little parking spot for me right in front of that convenient side gate.  So I pull and park and the kids are talking about that good thing that happened…when the side gate is closed from inside just as we are getting out of the car!   Helloooo! What is going on here????  This is getting ridiculous!  BIG SIGH!

The kids on the other hand are loving this!  We make our way to the front of the school to find a space there instead.   Thankfully there is one open, waiting for me!

I am not really frustrated, more in shock.  And hoping the rest of the day goes better.  I have a produce delivery to sort and a ton of transcription to do…plus kids to pick up later and we need to get our Christmas tree tonight!  I like us to all do it together and FPT is with her dad this weekend so we have a small window of opportunity this week.

None of that can go wrong, especially the work things.

On the bright side however, traveling across town, traffic was more go than stop, so FSS was just a little late to school, and after digging out all of my camping gear, I found my wallet,  FabHubs had tossed it into another giant ziplock while cleaning out the car last night.  My phone was waiting for me on the kitchen counter…with no missed calls even.

AND (drumroll)….Weighing on the scale this morning for my official Monday Morning Weight Watchers weigh-in, after Thanksgiving, extra family dinners, and weekend  travel eating I stayed the same as last week.  Progress in my book!  (Okay..I cheat weighed last night, at night, after dinner, and in jeans and was in a panic at the 4-pound gain the scale showed…so when I weighed this morning and was back down to what I was last Monday, staying the same was a huge relief!).

Scrambling for groceries for my breakfast this morning (the cupboard is bare!) I found a little yogurt to which I added half of a really really really ripe banana, 1/2 TBS of almond butter, and 1/2 ounce of granola.  

Fage with bananas and almond butter

Now I am craving an Amazing Grass but we have no almond milk

I am off to start work…have a FabDay!


Ellura said...

okay, so hope you don't mind but I found this post amusing! I can totally relate! Hopefully tomorrow is a better day. Good luck in December!

Jewel said...

That's okay! I am glad I could brighten your day (LOL)....I know everyone has them.