Saturday, November 28, 2009

How Did You Fare This Thanksgiving?

As usual, this week has been a hectic one!

I started off with a 1-pound weight loss…not too shabby considering  my TOM started on Wednesday!

Next week’s BL weigh-in will show a weight loss, although it won’t be stellar, especially coming right on the heels of Thanksgiving, other family gatherings, and a campout this weekend.  (One would think camping would lend itself to weight loss…but  somehow  I manage to pack and plan my meals a little too well!)

The day quickly kicked into chaos with a call from a client needing a stat dictation (not planned);  a planned produce delivery (but breaking down the boxes did not go anywhere near as well as it should have); and  serving at a middle school Thanksgiving luncheon (planned…but due to the previous activities not going as planned I was VERY late). 

Thanksgiving went okay…the family gathering part was great!  My brother was visiting from North Carolina with his wife and my five beautiful nieces…and announced that #6 is on its way (still trying for that elusive boy I guess…LOL!!!)

The eating part was not bad…but I wish I would have done better.

For both Thanksgiving and Christmas everyone in my family has their specific dishes.   We don’t even say who is bringing what anymore…it is just known that I will make my homemade cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes, that we will fry a turkey (while my sis will roast one) and my FabHub will bake a few loaves of bread.  There are more family members and more side dishes…this is just our arena)

And so we did!

At mealtime (after stuffing myself on appetizers of too much brie, crackers, guac, and FabHubs homemade bread) I first piled salad on my plate. I made sure at least 50% of the plate was covered in salad (I was very excited to find a beautiful salad made by me stepmom there!).   My basic rule of thumb now is to make sure I cover half my plate in veggies. 

On the rest of the plate I had one small slice of turkey (yes, the fried one FabHubs made…and he did a FabJob)…a small slice of ham made by my stepdad (I couldn’t resist), some of my cranberry sauce, a large bunch of asparagus, and a small helping of mashed potatoes. 

I was disappointed in myself because I succumbed to the meat when I was going to try and go meatless and stick with veggies only…but proud of myself that I really piled on the veggies and kept the meat to a minimum.

I also had one  of FabTeen’s  delicious homemade Parker House rolls, his first time making these….and then came dessert.  We won’t talk about dessert!!

In the overall  scheme of things I ate well enough to sample most things, stay high on the veggie side, and I was not uncomfortably stuffed.  I  don’t think I will be down for my “official” weigh-ins next week (Monday for WW and Tuesday for BL) but I don’t expect to be up either…and that is a great feeling.

After visiting with family again today before they leave…we are now packing for another Peace River overnight canoe trip…this time immediate family (Me, FabHubs, FabTeen, FabPreteen, and FabStepson) only. We have never done this with family only….only in a large scouting group.

Again, I am packing healthy.  The menu:

Lunch:  Veggie Burger wraps and salad

Snacks:  Apples, grapes, Naners

Dinner:  Homemade pizza (veggie for me!); Grilled naners with minimarshmallows and choco chips (okay, an indulgence there)

Breakfast:  Coffee (Oh Yeah!); Rocky Mountain Eggs (scrambled eggs and cheese with sauteed taters, red and green peppers, and onion, all made in the Dutch Oven.

FabHubs really really really wanted bacon or sausage in his eggs.  Honestly I know I love them myself…but I am trying to not eat meat so I persuaded him to not have them.  Besides…I know on his pizza he will have pepperoni (turkey pepperoni because that is what I bought them last..heeheehee).

It is now midnight here and I have to get up at 4:30 or so in the morning so I am headed to bed.   We have to load up the food (everything else is packed and in the car) and leave here no later than 6 a.m.  We have a 3-1/2 hour drive to the canoe outpost…and then four hours of canoeing before we hit camp.

Hope you all had a Thanksgiving filled with wonderful blessings…and enjoy your weekend as well!


Vicki said...

The rolls and and fried turkey sound divine... Sounds like you had a wonderful family filled holiday.

Misty said...

I have to tell you how much I love to read what you are eating and how you are eating it. I think that meals have been the biggest challenge for me. Ive been cooking unhealhty so long its hard to figure out how to love that healthy food. Thanks for all the great tips and tricks.

jewel said...

Thanks Vicki...they were! I am lucky my teen is learning to love to cook as much as his stepdad does!

Thanks Misty! That makes me feel good that you enjoy the writing.

I am lucky that we have always had some fruits and veggies on a daily basis...but you can start by making little changes in your meals. Add a daily salad and reduce some of the oil.

You can do it...and funny enough, after a while it becomes a habit and you CRAVE these things! Really! I crave my Green Monsters and salads when I go a couple of days without!!! Just habit :)