Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Scary Quinoa

A couple of weeks ago I bought a pack of Quinoa.   Another nutritional powerhouse, I have been wanting to try it for a while and when I saw a bag at Publix I decided to throw it in the cart and give it a try.


When I got home I saw a blurb on the bag about rinsing well because of saponins, which are a naturally-occurring, soap-like substance that occurs on the outside of the quinoa, thought to be a deterrent to birds and insects.

So I pulled out my trusty old keyboard and started researching a little about quinoa recipes, and then saponins and quinoa…and then I found a whole bunch of posts all over the place from people who have gotten very ill…severe GI symptoms, from eating quinoa.  Cramps, vomiting, flu-like symptoms that last for as long as 12-24 hours.

And now I am terrified of this tiny little seed!

And so it has sat on the shelf for weeks now.  I want to make it…but I am scared to serve it to my husband and kids!!!

Does anybody know if just rinsing is enough?   Is it the saponins that make people sick from it?   Have any of you ever had a problem with it?


Moi said...

I make quinoa all the time and most times don't rinse it because its such a pain in the ass as the seeds to go through the strainer. When I do rinse, I run it under running water for approximately 60 seconds. Never once have I or uanyone else I know have ever, ever had any proble.

Try it. Quinoa is fabulous and you will love it.

Ellura said...

you will have to let us know what you think. I have never even heard of the stuff. Maybe I shouldn't admit that on here! lol

Vicki said...

Ellura you aren't the only one -- I haven't heard of it either.
I am guessing though that it is easier to find negative things about it on the internet just because that is more likely what people post.

Meredith (Pursuing Balance) said...

I love quinoa! Honestly, when I made it before I didn't rinse it . . . I had a different brand though so maybe mine was pre-rinsed? I would think rinsing and cooking would take care of anything that may be on there.
Have fun canoeing this weekend! I would bring PB&banana sandwiches, dried fruit, carrots, granola bars. You could probably also bring cooked ww pasta + veggies & beans -- just avoid dairy and meat if you don't have refrigeration! Hope that helps :)