Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Power Breakfast and Lunch For My Boys

Today my two sons, 18 yo Fabteen and 12 yo FabStepson, (along with a few hundred other Boy Scouts) walked 13 miles, from downtown to the southern portion of our county.

Getting off this morning was chaotic…we were given tickets last night to the NASCAR championship races at the Homestead Speedway and got in rather late…..then the boys had to leave the house by 6 a.m.

I got up at 5:45 (YUCK) and in 15 minutes worked like a maniac to make them a satisfying breakfast that would support walking, and get them a filling and healthy lunch.

I was pleased that I was able to draw on a lot of the good nutrition practices I have learned over the past few months to to help fuel them.

First came breakfast (no time for pictures this morning!).   Breakfast was 1/3 cup of oatmeal cooked with 1/3 cup almond milk and 1/3 cup water.  I also sliced up a banana, splitting it between the two bowls.  I micro’d the oatmeal (they loved the bananas cooked…I do too!) and put it in a to-go cup for each one of them.  I knew between the time they left the house and the time they started walking, they would have time to digest the oatmeal so it wouldn’t be sitting like a lump in their tummies….but at the same time it should stave off the hungries for a while.

To supplement the oatmeal, I also made them each an Amazing Grass Amazing Meal shake.  I have had two huge unopened tubs of the Amazing Meal, which has more protein than the Superfoods, which is what I normally use…but today I broke out the big guns and opened the tub thinking that the extra protein would help fuel their muscles. 

I made them each an Amazing Meal shake with one scoop Amazing Meal, one cup almond milk, half a banana, and a few huge handfuls of spinach.  The spinach also adds a lot of staying power to the shake….I know it keeps me full for a while!

They had to drink these on the go too!

Lunch and snacks were PB&J on Arnold Sandwich Thins (one for FabStepson, two for FabTeen).   Two little crimson apples for FabStepson and two large organic Honeycrisps apples for FabTeeen.   One of Oh She Glows Glo Bar for each as a healthy energizing snack.  And of course plenty of water.  Our troop had a water truck that met them at certain points along the way for refills.  I was so glad I packed them lunches…those that didn’t got the opportunity to buy hot dogs, hamburgers, and sodas. 

Both of them said the food carried them through the day very well and they were very happy with their lunches….I think the junk sold didn’t appeal to them at all. 

Both of them completed the whole walk and I am very proud of them.

Next year I want to do the hike with them!


Kris | said...

Great post! Wow, anything before 6 am is an early rise, but I guess this is what has to be done sometimes!

I look forward to reading more!


WeightWatcher Mama said...

I'd love to try the Amazing Grass. Where do you get it? I'm curious to the nutrition info; calories, fat, fiber, protein, calcium etc. love reading your blog!

Ellura said...

Sounds like a crazy and wonderful day. The meals sound great. All I can say is I hope I get to the point where I don't want fast food anymore. I still love that stuff and work hard to avoid it! lol Hey girl, what a wonderful mom - lucky kids

Mindy said...

That sounds like an awesome breakfast to me. So creative... how is almond milk? Sounds good. I hope you have an awesome thanksgiving. Are you going to tell us what you had on turkey day? Curious if you've got anything fun and different up your sleeves.

Jewel said...

Hey Kris...thanks...yes I hate 6 a.m. rising but it comes with the territory I guess. Some days I just don't have a choice. On Fridays DD sleeps at her dad's so I can sneak back to bed after getting the other two off in the morning.

WWMama...I get my Amazing Grass right from them online...but you can get it at Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, etc. I joined the Grassheads program so it is free shipping and a little cheaper for me than Whole is really some great stuff. I will post more about the NI since a few people have asked.

Thanks are always so sweet in your posts. LOL...I think my kids are not so happy about the veggie loving mom sometimes though...and my DD I seriously complains about no more Mickey D's! I know they will feel differently when they are all growed up though!

Mindy....I LOVE almond milk! But I love the Vanilla, not the regular (oddly enough my picky DD loves the regular, not the vanilla). From everything I read, it is better than the rice and similar to soy, but I prefer it over soy. I did take a bunch of pix for Thanksgiving...but I ran out of time! LOL...maybe Xmas since I make the same things!

Thanks guys for your is nice to hear from you!