Friday, April 16, 2010

Birthday Week…and Nature Is Calling!!!

Oh boy do we have a PACKED weekend!  This time of year, every year, seems to fall into the realm of chaos for us.

First of all…we kick off what we affectionately call “birthday week” in our family.  Starting with FabPreteen on April 20 (she will not be a preteen anymore so I guess I have to change her name!); my cutie nephew on April 22, and ME on April 25!  Plus, this year I am getting a brand new niece or nephew on April 21!  (traditionally in our family we never find out in advance!!!  This will be grandchild #10 for my parents…and none of us ever learned the sex before birth.  Can you believe people still do that!…it is actually fun!)

So…tonight we will have a family dinner for Ms. FabsoontobeTeen; tomorrow morning we head out for Baynanza:

(from the website):

What is Baynanza?

The early 1980's marked the beginning of a monumental effort by Miami-Dade County to save Biscayne Bay. The Bay was suffering from pollution its marine environment was in steep decline. Baynanza was created as part of a larger effort to save the bay.

Baynanza, now in its 28th year, is a celebration of Biscayne Bay as one of our most important ecological and economic systems. While Baynanza includes more than 50 great events spanning from March to April, the event that has become nearly synonymous with the celebration is the Biscayne Bay Cleanup Day.

On April 18, 2009, this event drew a record number of more than 8,500 community volunteers to the shores and islands of our Bay. They collectively removed more than 32 tons of garbage that had accumulated along from Biscayne Bay's shores.

We are big nature lovers and really enjoy camping and the outdoors, so we are looking forward to doing our part in this major South Florida event!

Speaking of nature…Did you know that this week is National Park Week?  All entrance fees to the 392 National Parks will be waived from April 17-April 25.  We have the Everglades National Park  down here…and we go several times a year.  Not sure I will be making it over there this week though.

So then after Baynanza, we rush home to get FabPreteen ready for her reward trip for selling 1000 boxes of cookies…then after taking her there I will head over to a blogger meetup (so excited!!!)…and then home to rest…until Sunday!

Sunday I will join FabPreteen in Day 2 of her reward trip, which is spa day!!  Manis, Pedis, Massages..and more! 

Then home for a quick dinner…and off to a play with the family!

WHEW!  The rest of next week looks pretty much the same as the weekend. 

We almost never eat out but this week with so many activities will bring lots of eating out!  Let’s see how I do among all of the temptation!!!

Spring is here…what kinds of things will you be doing this weekend???

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whataboutsummer said...

oh nature is calling... always an issue for me on long runs. BIRTHDAY WEEK YAY! hope you go to plenty of yum restaurants and tell each one its your birthday (good, free desserts and off-key singing; always a must)