Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Almost Sold Out!!!!

I didn’t feel like cooking and I almost caved.  I was going to make a Shepherd’s pie, subbing out Boca Crumbles for the beef.  Easy enough…but I was feeling lazy and didn’t feel like making a sauce and started to reach for the cream of mushroom soup.

Yes, you read that right the canned, processed cream of mushroom soup that has been sitting unused on my shelf for at least the last six months.

And I just couldn’t do it!  I felt guilty and unhealthy…and I went back and forth a while on it.

I finally ended up settling for another meal…still with processed something, but somehow totally different in my mind.  At least it was organic!

We ended up with sauteed kale, roasted sunchokes, and Gardein beefless tips.

Sunchokes look like ginger, but taste almost, but not exactly, like potatoes. 

After searching the internet for something interesting to do with the sunchokes, I found everything too complicated or exotic and decided to simply slice and roast the sunchokes along with some garlic and sliced leek. DSCF2924


Leeks have to be washed really well, especially between the layers.  I had already rinsed this leek when I peeled back the outer layer and found this!DSCF2926

Tossed in a little EVOO and some S&, then into the oven at 425.  I like the higher heat in order to caramelize the onions and garlic.  So good.


     On the side was curly kale, washed and destemmed…DSCF2928Then sauteed in the pan with garlic, onion, and a little EVOO as well.  I think garlic and onion enhances veggie!  After cooking I sprinkled (heavily) some parmesan cheese on top.DSCF2931 And my quick processed portion of the dish?  These meat-free beefless tips from Gardein.DSCF2932 DSCF2933I have been having some low B12 issues and was recommended nutritional yeast to help…so I loaded it on top of the kale as well.

So good.DSCF2934

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