Saturday, April 24, 2010

April Is Full Speed Ahead!


Scrambling to stay afloat during this crazy busy week!  Baynanza, a Girl  Scout retreat, multiple birthdays (including one BIRTH day with a brand new nephew), school field day, Girl Scout Leader Appreciation Day, and more!  This week has been PACKED!

Today I finally had a chance to slow down and  B R E A T H E.  Even though I spent some time working, I didn’t have to run anywhere and that was relaxing in and of itself!

While I worked, FabHubs was busy on his new project!

We have composted for years  and have a huge bin full of rich compost ready to go.  We have talked for years about having our own garden but have never gotten around to it.

Our lovely compost bins (made from leftover fence posts when FabHubs rebuilt sections of our fence):DSCF3346

A couple of months ago, Eating Well ran this article, which I left in the bathroom for FabHubs to “discover.”DSCF3351

Garden plan, how to get started and all!DSCF3352

It worked like a charm!  For the last few weeks he has been so excited about planting our own garden, and last week he went out and got some seeds…and now we are the proud owners of these two lovely plots:  DSCF3344 DSCF3345 Yes..they may look like dirt patches…but they are our new edible garden!  the mounds are for cantaloupe, and we also are growing carrots, tomatoes, bush beans (what are bush beans?????), corn, eggplant, bell peppers, romaine, kabocha, and pumpkin.

The kabocha, eggplant, and bell peppers are not from seeds we bought, but saved from organic veggies we ate from my weekly produce delivery.

I am very excited to see how these do!

We also like to toss the crowns of pineapples into a section of our yard.  It is amazing how they take root and grow!  Earlier this week I went out there to check on them and was amazed to find these little guys!!! DSCF3347 DSCF3348 DSCF3349 DSCF3350SIX of them in total!  These little baby pineapples are so cute!  Can’t wait to eat them…we DEVOUR pineapples in this household!  It is one of the rare fruits that all five of us are major lovers of!

Quite a few dinners this week have been in restaurants…something very rare for us.  I think we ate in restaurants more this week than we have in the past four months!

Aside from feeling not as healthy, that also makes it challenging to use up our produce before it goes bad.

Tonight’s dinner put a major dent in our produce stash!

First, since we were so hungry, I made a snack of some raw baby carrots, grape tomatoes, and sugar snap peas, all received this past Monday in the delivery!

Crunchy sweet and delicious!  I love sugar snap peas raw.  It is such a crime to cook them!!!!

We finished these in no time…


For dinner I roasted a large sweet potato alongside a few rutabaga I also received on Monday:  DSCF3355     Some sauteed asparagus and broccoli…DSCF3359 And the main dish of zucchini burgers…I had several weeks’ worth of zucchini that had to be used up!!!  I still have a couple left though.

The final result…DSCF3360 DSCF3361

I loved how FabHubs about ketchup on his “burgers” (he is not a fan of zucchini) and when I suggested tomato paste or sauce instead HE WENT FOR IT!!!  And afterwards said he really liked it as an alternative!

Weekend is not done yet…My Birthday is tomorrow!  A fine wrapup to a full week!

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Trying To Heal said...

O.M.G.!!!!!! Those pineapples are too cute! I've actually never seen how pineapples are that horrible or what!? haha!

I can't wait to see everything grow and sprout in your garden! I want ot get home and make my own now! Too bad I don't have a home!