Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break 2010, Part One Continues…..

Sunday morning we had another full day planned.

We started off with a hearty breakfast.  Somehow over the last few weeks we ended up with over 10 pounds of organic russet taters and needed to start making a dent in them.   FabHubs packed them so we could use them…and use them he did!  He made these ridiculously massive (but delicious) potato pancakes!  We had those with the organic eggs I order alongside my weekly produce delivery.





Can’t forget the coffee!  We are double-fisted coffee people…Espresso in one hand and French press in the other…camping or not!DSCF2569


The rest of the day was spent shopping in the old part of the city!  My favorite find was some vegan organic deodorant which so far seems to be working really well! 

I didn’t take many pictures of us shopping..too busy browsing!

We had a ghost tour planned for the evening, so we decided, instead of eating dinner out, to eat lunch out and eat our snacks and sandwiches for dinner while we waited for our ghost tour.

I found a great little restaurant on the street we were on…I had some very unhealthy but delicious coconut shrimp.  I ordered the fruit salad alongside and I was very excited about this…but it turned out to be canned!   A big let down.

By the time we reached the end of the street the trolleys had stopped running and so we had a long but scenic walk back.  This is the day my pedometer logged my 6 miles!  Maybe!

We were early for our ghost tour, so we go the cooler out of the car and sat in the parking lot and had our sandwiches, fruits, and snacks while we waited. 

The kids had begged and begged for this ghost tour but I was not really thrilled about it at all.   It took us all around the city after dark…and (gulp) back into the jail at night.  I didn’t mind the city tour, but I was seriously not into the tour back into the old jail.  At night.  This was a place of horror that already creeped me out during the day…at night it took on a whole life of its own!

Thankfully we survived!

We got back to the cabin and while the kids zonked to bed…we had an adult beverage by a campfire!

The next morning was checkout time.  Breakfast was simple this day..cereal and fruit.  I had pictures of these but I can’t seem to find them!

After packing up, we went back to the old town to visit the fort!       DSCF2573 DSCF2574 DSCF2575 DSCF2576After the fort we took a final ride on the trolley to hear about the reset of the historic parts of the city…then back to our car for the long ride home.

Leg one of the trip complete…we will be home for two days and then down to Key West for another few days of sightseeing!

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Meredith (Pursuing Balance) said...

St. Augustine is so fun! I just love the "feel" of it and all of the history there. Definitely a great family trip!