Thursday, April 1, 2010

It’s Spring Break! Part One…

Kids are off of school, FabHubs is on vacation, as are my clients, and we are relaxing, having fun, and doing a little traveling!

The first part of the week I hauled the kids up to St.  Augustine and we had a fun few days seeing lots of OLD sites.

Did you know that St. Augustine is the oldest city in the United States?  Established even before Jamestown!

As a family of 5, vacationing can get a little pricy, especially eating out three meals a day!  Besides, I feel healthier when we make most of our own food.

So usually we will stay at a campground and rent a cabin.  We make our breakfasts and lunches (which we carry with us in a cooler, along with snacks and drinks), and some of our dinners.  We eat out at least once or twice while we are gone, and usually en route as well.


We arrived at the campground really really really late Friday night.  Much later than I wanted to…everybody was exhausted and had to make up their bunks!  At least we weren’t setting up tents! DSCF2454 DSCF2455 DSCF2456 DSCF2457 ODSCF2461 The cabin is a small, two-room cabin with a/c and electricity.  No kitchen, no bathroom.  

We do all of our cooking outdoors in front of the cabin.

Breakfast:DSCF2465  DSCF2469 DSCF2470 Making lunches to go:DSCF2471 Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and unpictured Tofurkey sandwiches on homemade bread brought from home.  We ended up buying more for the rest of our trip.

Our first day in town we saw the St. Augustine History Museum, the Old Jail, and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.   DSCF2479 DSCF2480


DSCF2487  DSCF2502

I put on my new pedometer to track the steps/miles I walked.  I didn’t calibrate it and it gave me a total of over 6 miles!  I don’t really think I walked that much though.

We bought trolley tickets, but ended up doing a lot of walking…which was fine with me!  I wore my brand new walking shoes for the occasion.

Back “home” that night, after a quick stop at Publix we cooked up dinner.   Caesar salad and spaghetti with tomato sauce for FabHubs, FabStepson, and FabPreteen…whole wheat pasta with shredded veggies and peanut sauce for FabTeen and me!

While FabHubs and FabTeen worked on dinner, I caught up on some work (I had a bunch that needed to be finished and still worked at night) while FabPreteen rested her eyes…DSCF2519



We did take a few shortcuts…

Salad was bagged salad with dressing included:


Peanut sauce was jarred:  (sorry…bad picture!)DSCF2527

FabHubs cooked the pasta:  DSCF2522 DSCF2523 Assembled and tossed in a Ziplock. I was happy with mine…FabTeen didn’t like the sauce.  You will have to picture everybody else’s, I was a poor dinner photographer.DSCF2524  DSCF2526 After this we were zonked and went to bed…we had another full day planned for tomorrow!

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