Thursday, April 8, 2010

Use Me or Lose Me

Once again because of being away, I am two or or three boxes behind on my veggie usage and they are starting to develop a pathetic Use Me Or Lose Me attitude!  And it hurts to  throw any of them away so I am on a mission!

Yesterday I pulled out bag after bag of veggies to see what I had, and in what order of desperation it needed to be used up in, and made my lunch and dinner plans!

Lunch was a hummus wrap, crammed with some very desperately failing yellow tomatoes, that sadly I had to pick through, green onions also starting to turn, romaine lettuce, and cukes!  All from two or three boxes ago but hanging in there..barely.

DSCF2814I have issues with my wraps.  I either am clueless on how to fold them as nice as they do in restaurants…or I pack them with way too much stuff.  I tend to think the latter.

DSCF2815On the side I had a handful of my English peas, more yellow pear tomatoes, and a few sweet and crunchy mini Bell peppers.

Look how colorful!!!!DSCF2816After lunch I  was as stuffed as my wrap!!!DSCF2818 Dinner continued the Use Me or Lose Me theme…

I had two weeks’ worth of asparagus bunches! Tossed in some balsamic, EVOO, and S&P and roasted in the oven at 425:

DSCF2819Broccoli, a zucchini, some ginger, and some unpictured onion thrown in at the last minute, all from the last share or two that were starting to turn…I also used a rough chopped a bunch of garlic cloves from this week’s share!DSCF2821 Some seitan  that has been sitting in my fridge for a while…I figured this would be the perfect time to use it up!DSCF2820

Into the cast iron with some olive oil and Adobo seasoning.DSCF2822 I would have used some soy sauce and a dab of honey on it…but FabHubs is not a fan of soy sauce.  In the least bit.   And since I was already pushing the envelope with the seitan, zucchini, and asparagus, I decided to keep the flavorings simple…garlic and ginger, although at the last minute I did splash on some balsamic.DSCF2823Delicious!  And quite off the cuff too, just trying to use up whatever I could!DSCF2825 FabHubs did take a small SECOND serving of asparagus and another small second serving of the stirfry.  I know when he doesn’t finish up what is on the table he is not a big fan.  But hey…I can do math, and seconds of a no-meat meal =  PROGRESS!  Especially seconds of that despised veggie…asparagus!!!! (really what is wrong with that man!!!!) 

And bonus points, I didn’t get THE LOOK!

FabStepson on the other hand finished off the bowl!!!

What is up with the English!!!

Then it was onto dessert…FabHubs and I found this in Publix Key West…and it went in the cart AS A JOKE! DSCF2826I got back to Irene’s and ACK it was in the bags!  I never meant to actually BUY it!  So I put it aside to return it.

Of course the kids thought it was hilarious and tons of spotted dick jokes ensued…and then two dessert-loving 12 year olds begged me to keep it because, as they said (and I cringed), “We have never tried spotted dick before!” (Biting my tongue here…this is a family blog!)

Finally I relented and we kept it, and it was pulled out last night for dessert.  I steamed it up and then fruited it up with fresh blueberries and strawberries on the side! 

Nothing like a fruity spotted dick!DSCF2827 And then I remembered something I had in the pantry to top off our spotted dick, purchased a few Christmases ago on clearance from Publix!DSCF2828

I kid you not!

Yes…I am biting my tongue again.

And I thought the English were supposed to be reserved!

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Meredith (Pursuing Balance) said...

I have the same problem with wraps! I think I just get too excited and add to much stuff to them. Sometimes I eat them with a fork!