Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break 2010, We Rest!

Well we sort of rest, if you can count unloading the car, unloading the suitcases, and loading and unloading the washing machine repeatedly over the next two days!

Factor in the last of the transcription for the week, a produce delivery, and a Passover Seder, and we have two days of rest and relaxation (HUH?) before embarking on the second leg of our spring break down to Key West.

The produce delivery was its usual gorgeous bounty!


Asparagus, red chard, raspberries, bananas, apples, pineapple, broccoli, strawberries, chives, avocados, mangos, purple potatoes, romaine, yellow tomatoes…and more!  Am I a lucky girl or what!

I also ordered some organic horseradish root to take to the Seder!

When we got to my sisters, she was frying up some beet and sweet potato chips and had the beet greens ready to feed to the garbage can.

I did a quick interception (they look amazingly like the red chard!)

And cooked them up for a quick dinner last night, along with some black beans and rice.

   DSCF2585I was NOT in the mood to cook at all and so I resorted to the healthy person’s quick meal…the canned black bean.

Topped with some cheddar cheese, light sour cream and fresh chopped organic parsley alongside my sauteed beet greens (didn’t I say something about not feeling like cooking?  Yeah Right) it was a relatively quick but delicious meal.

Now we are reloaded back into the car for the drive down to Key West…more to report tomorrow!

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Trying To Heal said...

looks like you've been having a great weekend! can't wait to see the key west recap! so jealous you were down there!

Tracey @ TropicalHappiness said...

Hope you are enjoying Key West! I love it there!