Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Disney Is Right, It IS A Small World After All!

Like many bloggers, I love reading other health and food blogs on a regular basis. One blog I read regularly is Pursuing Balance

I was reading Meredith’s blog yesterday or the day before when I noticed in the comment section that Jessie had a comment posted about a contest she was having on her site.  I have been to her blog, Vegan-Minded, several times before, so I decided to clicked through to see what her contest was about.

While there, I browsed a bit and saw an older post in which she blogged about a new CSA she joined last week.

She had a gorgeous picture of the box and several more showing what was in it...and like me, she listed what was in it.

As I read the list I realized it was exactly the same as what I had received in my box last week...so I followed the link and sure enough...she had signed up for the one I belong to, Annie’s!

So I went back, read a little more, and I even studied how her CSA person packed her box to see how I compare at the packing...I am new at this and I always worry how I do!
Then I went back, entered her contest, and even posted on her CSA post, telling her that I was a member of Annie's too, and how funny it was that we both posted showing pictures of our boxes and listed what we got!

About half or more later she responded to me that she went to my blog and browsed around a bit and saw my picture...and then she said that she recognized me and had actually picked up her box from me! LOL...that was just too funny!

Seriously small world!

I didn't connect it because although she came with him when he picked up the box, it was actually her boyfriend who had been the one to sign up and talk to me over the phone, and all the paperwork and phone calls were with him or in his name. I know all my “pickups” by name, but in my head the “pickup” was her boyfriend…even if we did all chat a little bit when they came by.

Of course as soon as she said who she was I remembered instantly…and was totally blown away!
Really...what are the odds of this happening in that big blogging world out there!!!!

Oh...and when looking at the box objectively, having no idea that I was the person who packed it, I thought I did a fine job!

And after you finish laughing, check out Jessie’s great blog and enter her Newman’s Organics giveaway!

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