Thursday, December 3, 2009

On The Hunt For Tonight’s Plan

This week’s produce box also yielded this!

baby bok choyAren’t they cute?  They are baby bok choy.  I put my phone in the pic so you can see how small and cute they really are!

They need to be eaten…tonight!  The leaves are starting to wilt! 

I bought those green bags from a boy fundraising for his band…but the jury is still out on whether they are working or not.  The baby bok choy don’t seem to have passed the test!

Anyway…I think I made these once before…the big ones though, not baby, in a meat stir fry.  As of yet I have no clue what to do with them today!  It will probably be a stir fry of some kind…the box also had a huge hunk of ginger and a garlic bulb so some of these will go in there too.  I also have some frozen shrimp and I just might surprise and delight the FabFamily tonight by throwing it in there. 

Still have to figure out the sauce though……FabHubs is not a soy sauce stir fry fan so I have to be careful what I add. 

As far as the rest of today was concerned:

Breakfast was the same old boring usual with a few little twists…but I do love what I am eating so boring is okay.

At 6:15 a.m. while trying to finish up FabTeen’s breakfast, FabStepson’s lunch..and run FSS over to the bus stop by 6:30 I gulped down an espresso….with sugar.  I know!

I then dashed back home to finish up FabTeen’s breakfast and lunch…I made us both Green Monsters and gulped that down.

Working on my third morning shift of breakfast and lunch for FabPrettn and driving her to school, I had oatmeal/almond milk/ water/naners/almond butter…and I tossed in the last of the organic blackberries I got on Monday.  YUM! 

oatmeal and blackberriesAfter coming back but before starting work I had another foamy homemade eggnog latte but I didn’t snap a picture.   You will have to look at yesterday’s if you want to see it!  It was really good…and I even liked the cinnamon on it!

This didn’t hold me until lunchtime though…so I decided to make a juice.  Everything organic…but this time the only things from the box was the parsley.  This is a new addition to my juices but I am trying to use it up (I have two bunches now) and it actually adds a very clean and refreshing flavor to the juice.


juicing vegetables and apples


yummy beet/carrot/parsley/apple/ginger juice The colors are so pretty!

This was in the Prevention magazine I got yesterday and so I am trying to commit to following this routine at least three to four times a week.  I need to do something!  I may be doing okay with the eating….but I am really sucking in the exercise department.  This chair gyrokinesis is perfect for me since I cannot get up and down from the floor.  I did some of it today and it felt good.  I need to really set up a goal to make this happen regularly…my body really really really needs it.

chair gyrokinesis

Shortly after that, lunch called.  I had last night’s leftovers and boy did the flavors meld nicely overnight!  day old sweet potato curry

I topped it with 1 TBS of raisins…and we were out of raw cashews so  I opened the can of roasted cashews I bought from our Girl Scout fundraiser.  I used 1 tablespoon of those too…chopped up so they would go further.cara cara oranges blood oranges

On Monday I also got some Cara Cara or blood oranges, which I had never had before.  They are supposed to be naval but they did have seeds…and I expected them to be “bloodier” looking that that…they really looked like a pink grapefruit inside!  I got five of them Monday.  FabPreteen ate one on Monday and when I looked today one was starting to rot!  So those are on the “”Need to Eat” list now! 

I cut one up and had it with lunch.  It is sweet and okay….these weren’t the best oranges I have ever had though.  I don’t know whether it was these particular oranges or this variety, although I suspect it is just these oranges.

Finally…a little indulgence.   Also from the Girl Scout fundraiser, choco-covered raisins.  These are HUGE!  Big like grapes!  I wish they were dark, I am loving the dark chocolate as I get older.  They are not…but they were still good.

girl scout chocolate covered raisins

One big thing I have learned over the past few months is that is possible for me to take a measured amount of something, like a tablespoon of nuts, or 1/2 tablespoon of almond butter…or in this case 4 or 5 of the raisins, and enjoy that, rather than having a huge heaping scoop of something that is full of fat…or keeping the can of nuts or raisins out and having mindless handfuls. 

It is a nice balance between having a nice treat and feeling deprived. 

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