Thursday, December 24, 2009

Losing Balance In A Hectic Week

Since last Saturday, this week has been very unusual food-wise to say the least. 

My nutrition has definitely been off, although I have still managed to keep what I have eaten on the healthy side and thankfully not succumbed to the dark side, as my kids love to call junk food now.

With my kids gone and a light work load, I saved all of my Christmas shopping  and running around until this week.

I would leave the house and not end up back until almost 11 p.m.!

And believe me, then I sure didn’t feel like cooking!  And I have found that healthy eating habits require a certain amount of planning and preparation so when hungry and it is late, it is very easy to turn to the dark side!

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, FabHubs and I ended up sort of scrounging around the fridge and digging out leftovers….no real meals were eaten, and more importantly, not much fresh fruits and veggies were being eaten!

This stressed me physically, because now my body does crave the fresh fruits and veggies regularly, but it is also stressed me mentally because the produce box from last week was sitting…and sitting produce quickly turns to rotting produce!  I have not been able to eat enough from it yet.

By Tuesday I had had enough of this and I did a little planning in advance, by making a large pot of brown rice to keep in the fridge.  I figured if the rice only had to be reheated, the rest of the meals would come together quickly.

But Tuesday night again we ended up out late.   By 10:30 (p.m.) I was ravenous!  I had only eaten an oatmeal breakfast and a homemade juice before I left the house.

My mom didn’t want to eat…and when FabHubs met up with me after work, the little sneaker had already eaten something!

I finally dragged FabHubs to this little Asian restaurant in the mall to get something to go for me.  He is not a fan of Asian food and I am a big fan…so I took this opportunity to enjoy some….even if I was kind of irritable by this point.

They had bubble tea…which I have never had!  So I ordered one to sip on while I waited.  I ordered an eggplant stirfry (I looooooveee eggplant…and FabHubs doesn’t, so another opportunity taken).  This turned out to be an appetizer, so I had to order a side of brown rice to go with it.

I tore right into it in the car…I was so hungry I  forgot to pull out my camera first!  So the pictures of my pretty much demolish meal came once I got home!

I love those little purple eggplants too!  I have never bought them…I always get the big one.

eggplant stirfry

Here is my bubble tea!  For my first one I just went with the plain simple tea.  I enjoyed it…between the bubble tea and scarfing down my dinner I ended up being so full I left over a bunch of bubbles!

bubble tea

LOL…Cookie is waiting for me to hurry up so we can go to bed!

After I ate all that I WAS SORRY!  It tasted good…but I was too full and uncomfortable!  I don’t like to eat late at night and that is just what I did.

I went from being uncomfortably hungry to uncomfortably full. 

I know I need to practice better balance sometimes….but sometimes things just get a little too chaotic and it gets difficult!

Have you been keeping balance in your life this holiday season? 

Have you put any special practices in place to make sure you stay balanced?


Jessie (Vegan-minded) said...

Is that food from Lan at Dadeland station? I love their bubble tea! I get it every time I am there at the little window. :)

Jewel said...

Yes! They had gotten a good write up in The Herald a while back and I have wanted to try them.

What is your favorite flavor of bubble tea? I didn't know what to order!

simpledaisy said...

I love fennel!!
I roast it in the oven with chopped up sweet potatos and a little fresh squeezed orange juice, red wine vinegar and olive oil!! YUM!!
I also just made a grapefruit and fennel salsa that I put over my fish last night! Again YUM!
And it's great just chopped up in salads!
Hope that helped! Take care~

Jewel@fit-and-fabulous-jewel said...

Simpledaisy...your recipe sounds great!

We had already eaten it though...for Christmas I chopped it up, along with a bunch of other veggies, and glazed with olive oil and balsamic and roasted them.

The whole dish was fantastic!!!!