Sunday, December 6, 2009

Down With The Count….

Counting that is…and while my counting efforts are down, my weight loss is not!

Over the last five weeks now I have hovered up and down between the same three weights.  I had no doubt that by the end of November I would have crossed another 0 and be in the 160s…a sure victory!  And I was pretty excited about this.

But that has not happened at all.

And I am kind of frustrated.

When I first started Weight Watchers back on July 20 I counted my points religiously.  I weighed, measured, and entered in my online tracker everything that went into my mouth.

I entered recipes into the recipe tracker and carefully divided the portions so I would know what I was getting.

I hoarded my weekly allowance points for the weekends when FabHubs would cook his mega-point breakfasts.

And my weight slowly but steadily went down!  I ate well…but tracked well.  And while the weight never dropped like a rock, it descended steadily at a beautiful and encouraging pace.

And then as I began to drop more and more processed foods and meat products from my diet I began to stop measuring.  After all, most of the points were in the meat…not the veggies!

But after five weeks it is clear that just because I am eating a mainly plant-based diet, the weight is not going to come off on its own. 

Somehow and I really am not sure where…I am getting too many points for my body.

I think it is a combination of too many points AND I really really really need to find a way to make time to exercise daily.   The time is still a problem for me….

  • I work,
  • I blog,
  • I have a camping website,
  • I do Boy Scouts,
  • I do Girl Scouts (and am the cookie chairperson for our troop….with cookie sales starting NOW!),
  • I am room mom in my daughter’s school and help in the school  and go on all the field trips,
  • I am the coordinator for my neighborhood’s weekly organic produce delivery,
  • I cook,
  • I run the house,
  • and I am sure there is more I can’t think of right now!

I need more hours in the day!

But back to the topic at hand.

I am still paying for my WW online program but I am not using it right now…and that has to change.

I need to focus!  I need to set goals!  I guess the new year coming is the perfect time for that, isn’t it!

I need to track my points and commit to exercise!

Overall by the time July 20, 2010 comes around I  would like to have reached my goal and be down 50 pounds from where I started. 

After floundering and flip-flopping up and down, I think it is time to recommit to my goals.

The year-end is approaching, a great time to review your year and to commit or recommit to your goals.

Have you started thinking about yours yet?


wanabskne said...

OMG. You should be proud of doing one of those things on your list of things you do DO. I am proud of you and you are such an encourager to me. I hope one day I am as spontaneous and adventurous as you. Well done and I hope this next year is a great one for the both of us on our Goals!!!! Happy Holidays, and God Bless

Ellura said...

I really enjoyed this post - I too am really trying to get into the 160's and wondering if it will ever happen. Your life sounds totally crazy. You are committed to a lot of things right now but I am sure you will find your balance. Good luck with your changes.

Jewel said...

Aw thanks wanab! Your "name" is adorable by the way.

Happy Holidays and God Bless you too...I am sure next year is only filled with great things for us!

Jewel said...

Hey Ellura...I think I remember we were pretty close as far as the weight comp was concerned.

Remember to keep in mind that even though you are going slow you are winning the don't count yourself out so easily. proud of yourself you whipped my butt this month!