Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Have Lost Ten Pounds

WAIT!  Hold your congratulations! 

Alas…I have not lost the ten pounds…the other night as were getting ready for bed, FabHubs hopped on the scale (yes,  at night…after dinner) and said, “Well, I have hit the 10-pound mark.”

This is FabHubs.  He of the rugged, muscled, strong, already thin enough, blessed metabolism variety.

He who eats triple helpings of dessert and three-egg omelets with 3 slices bacon and 3 slices sausage, plus toast and grits without a second thought.

He who will eat three-quarters of a meat lover’s pizza in a single sitting.

Yes…I am down 22 pounds since July 20.  But that is intentional and I have not eaten even a quarter of what he has eaten….I have worked very hard for my weight loss and his is accidental incidental….and my fault because his dinners (and only his dinners that I cook) have been lightened up!

Boy I tell you…life sure isn’t fair!!!!!


DSCF6234(Be nice…this is after two days of canoeing and an overnight on the river!)

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rochelle said...

Oh, man! Doesn't it always work out that way. Congratulations on the 20 pounds, by the way. That's incredible!