Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Really Yummy Day

After having a midmorning Amazing Grass  shake I was good until about 2ish…and then it was time to eat! 

I try to use up the leftovers  at lunchtime since I am here alone anyway…and  am usually the one happy to eat them!

Lunch was a Flatout multigrain wrap (love these!) with organic lettuce and tomatoe….Alas..the cuke was an English cucumber from Publix!  No cuke in the box this week and we are BIG cuke eaters in this house!

On top of this I plopped a bunch of the Baba Ganoush I made last week out of the organic eggplant!

baba ganoush wrap

I finished off last week’s box of tomatoes by having a few on the side…we just got a whole ‘nother box and these needed to go!  Also on the side was a big scoop of the leftover avocado salad.  This was made Sunday I believe…and the flavors have had a chance to meld together…it was just deeeevine!

baba ganoush wrap

A small dessert with the last of yesterday’s raspberries (yes..already!) and a square of my Hanukkah chocolate.  I am finding that chocolate seriously filling…one square after a meal seems to top me off every time I have one!

chocolate and organic raspberries

When FabTeen made himself a snack of Baba Ganoush, I couldn’t resist finishing off the crumbs of the Mary’s Organic Crackers.  I am in LOVE with these crackers!  I am also out of these crackers!  I think these are going to warrant a special trip to Whole Foods!

Mary's Gone Crackers

Here were the stars of dinner tonight!  The Cheddar cauliflower and the broccolini. It seems like everyone has heard of broccolini except me!  This is only the second time I have had it and both times they were in my box!

broccolini/yellow cauliflower

FabTeen  requested a cheese sauce to go over the broccolini.  I haven’t made it in a while so I gave in.

Simple…make a basic white sauce with butter/flour/ground mustard/dash Worcestershire…subbing plain Almond milk for the milk.

almond milk white sauce

Then I just added a hefty handful of shredded cheddar…no measuring.

cheddar cheese sauce

Cauliflower was chopped small, then browned in EVOO with garlic.  This Cheddar cauliflower, beautiful raw,  turns a beautiful deep yellow when cooked!

It was really sweet and delicious and I couldn’t help but put some aside to put in our salad too. 

I do love raw cauliflower…but that is an ongoing battle with the rest of the family, who is not even crazy about it cooked…but at least they will eat it that way!

browned cauliflower

Tossed with chopped parsley (last week’s  box!) and then sprinkled with organic lemon juice and regular old parmesan cheese.

browned garlic cauliflower

Salad was a combo of the last of last week’s butter lettuce, which I really loved…and this week’s green leaf lettuce, which is good but I don’t love as much!

Also on it…carrots, red Bell pepper,  tomatoes, cuke slices, and more chopped parsley.

organic salad

Finally we had some Forgoza bread from a local gourmet/natural type market.  Basically a soft bread with parsley/green onions/cheese cooked right into it.

Forgoza bread  

I topped my salad with simple  Balsamic and an olive oil drizzle.

organic salad

And yes..I couldn’t resist the cheese sauce on my broccoli!

broccolini with cheese sauce

Another meatless, filling, and satisfying meal…for most of us at the table that is!

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