Monday, December 21, 2009

A Few Days To Recoup!

Since my last post I have happily taken a few days of rest!  Yes I have still worked, and yes I still had some craziness to deal with Wednesday and Thursday….but a biggie, I have NOT COOKED since last Tuesday!

Ahhhhh….that in itself is kind of relaxing!

Wednesday, as promised, I took the Fabulous Preteen and her BFF to see New Moon.  Okay…I now completely and totally understand why all these 40-something women have gone Jacob crazy.  I so get it!   Hmmmm…

OH!  Excuse me…back to blogging!  On the way home, since we were near Whole Foods I decided to drop half of my Christmas money I had saved for gifts for the kids and get a few things I can’t seem to find on my side of the city (unrefined coconut oil…spelt flour…organic kabocha) and some things I was just out of and needed to get (rolled oats, quinoa, broccoli, ginger, and more!)…and while we were there I fed them.  I just didn’t want to cook when I got home!  I was burned out.

They had Whole Foods pizza which my FPT declared was the best pizza.  I had been craving sushi!  Easy!

Thursday was spent working….and then hanging out at FPT’s school for her Xmas class party.  I took advantage of every minute I could with her because after school her dad was picking her up and whisking her, along with FabTeen, to Canada for a week where they will be spending Christmas with him and his family.  I know they have to go….but even after 12 years of these alternating weekends and holidays I still get a huge knot in my tummy every time they leave me. 

So focusing on the positive….this week I am not driving anybody anywhere!  And I am doing my Christmas shopping ALONE…or with FabHubs.  But I warned FabHubs that if he got grumpy on me and started complaining I was going to LEAVE HIM HOME!  Now I know for most husbands that would be a threat they would be happy to have made good on them…and FabHubs usually falls right into that category.  But he is enjoying his alone time with me (and I with him!)…something we don’t get much of.

And with no kids around, he and I have been able to be lazy in the cooking department.

Thursday night I did make him cook!  I printed him this recipe for Mama Pea’s curry which looked really good, and adapted it to what we had on hand.  I then proceeded to take out all the veggies I wanted to go in it.  The tofu was already waiting for him, marinating in the juice of one lime, 2 TBS honey, a big ole spoonful of jarred garlic (out of my yummy organic!) and 1 TBS of soy sauce.

I took out the brown rice (and asked him to make that first), then took out whatever veggies I had on hand that might go well with curry…broccoli (which I had picked up from Whole Foods, none left in my produce box), one each of white and sweet potatoes, a huge handful of green beans, and some carrots, as well as the garlic and ginger!

   Curried vegetables

One of the things that is really great about FabHubs is if I give him any recipe and the ingredients, he will make it.   He even took these pictures for the blog while he prepped and cooked!

 vegetable curry recipe DSCF6488 vegetable curry recipe This is the tofu broiling. 

broiling tofu  On the other hand…sometimes he really takes his time when cooking……

curried vegetable dish

I think we finally had dinner around 10 p.m.!  But boy was it goooood!

He put the chopped cilantro on top (I adore cilantro!) and additionally I topped mine with raw cashews and golden raisins.  This was/is one of my absolute favorite dinners!

And it was a large amount.  So we ate it Friday night too.  And he ate it Saturday for lunch while I was out.  And there is still some more!

Saturday night for dinner we went out for a treat, to Houston’s.  I have never been there before! 

I was starving and over-ordered a bit..I had only had a shot of wheatgrass juice at Jamba Juice during the day, and a giant glass of home juiced carrot/apple/ginger/beet juice when I got home.  I was going to get a juice at Jamba, (another place I had never been but I really wanted a shot of fresh wheatgrass juice!) but when I saw the menu I really didn’t want a smoothie type drink which is what they mainly have, and the only juices they had there were straight carrot or orange.  No combo juices!  And I wasn’t going to pay $3.00 for a small glass of carrot juice when I could make it at home!  So that is what I did.

But by the time we sat down for dinner I was ravenous! 

We decided to share two of their specialty sushi rolls as an appetizer, the Thai Tuna roll and the Shrimp Macadamia roll.  Both were really good….I had never had nuts in my sushi before!  But I have to say, next I would stick with the Thai Tuna roll…it was sweet, crunchy, and it rocked!

I had never had sushi wrapped in the rice paper either…I have always had it wrapped in nori.  Of course the rice paper didn’t add any flavor to it, but it was pretty!

thai tuna sushi

thai tuna sushi The shrimp macadamia roll:

shrimp macadamia sushi

My beef lovin’ husband took advantage of eating out and ordered a hamburger.  Yes…in the past I would have gotten that too!

hickory bacon burger

But I settled for the best veggie burger I have ever had!  This didn’t even look like a veggie burger when it was served…and it was moist and flavorful!  I am going to have to hunt this recipe down for FabHubs to make for me. 

Houston's veggie burger veggie burger      veggie burger

We shared the sides of the spinach and fries.  My only complaint was that the menu didn’t mention the mayo on the burger and I hate mayo!  That was an unpleasant surprise and I wished it would have come on the side.  It had never even occurred to me it would be on there.

I was only able to eat half my burger and took the other half home.

Hubs wanted dessert!  So we split a dessert of their yummy brownie…..brownie a la mode

I haven’t been that full in a very long time!  I was uncomfortably full.  We were both so full that the next day we weren’t hungry!  We had an Amazing Grass Green Monster around noon….and that was it until around 2ish when I had my leftover veggie burger and he had his homemade calzone….and that was it for the day.

Later on we snacked on some dried mango and chocolate covered pomegranate from Costco….and I did snack around some of the Costco food booths too while we were there.  But that was it.

This morning, weigh-in day though, I am UP a pound!  BLECH! 

Oh well…it will come off and I know I will not be eating like that again for a long time!

Today I do have veggies to make before they go bad so it is back to cooking for me.  But with no kids to be driving all over the place this week, thankfully this week will be much easier going as I sit in my house and work, and cook and shop….alone!

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