Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ahhh…The Weekend

Normal weekends are very challenging for me to stay on program.  Today should be a little easier as I am alone most of the day.  FabHubs is working, FabTeen is off at an Eagle project (I am going too in a bit), FabPreteen is at her dad’s, and  FabStepson is at his mom’s!

When I am not going anywhere and only feeding myself, food is easy.

So this morning starts off with one Eggo Blueberry waffle (something I normally would never buy but I caved into Ms. FabPreteen’s pressure) with 1/2 TBS of almond butter.  Also an espresso.  Today I decided to try the Agave syrup instead of sugar in it.   Not as sweet as usual, but not bad.

Sometime between now and leaving I want some form of Amazing Grass drink, either in Green Monster or just plain.

Finally my “Before Pictures” have been sent off to the BL 2009.  Eventually I will post a progress series here on the blog…but I need to make some visible progress first!

Then I am off to the Eagle project, a spiritual workshop, and  home for more things of my To-Do list.

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