Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oh The Weather Outside is Delightful!

Yeah…that is not how the song goes but that is how it is!  FINALLY!   The forecast is set to be back to the 90s next weekend (when I will be out camping with the Girl Scouts…UGH) but we had our first cool-down this weekend…and it sure took a long time coming!

Last night our thermometer dipped down to 59…probably balmy for all you Big Loser ladies out there in Utah and Colorado…but beautifully chilly for us!

And we stayed in the low 70s today…no sweating for the first time this season.

But I had a huge laugh when my kids came downstairs.  Obviously both South Floridians, unused to cool weather!

FabTeen came down first this morning was wearing longjohns under his clothes!  HELLOO!  It is not THAT cold!  And the FabPreteen came down in not much less!   Tights under a skirt with a shirt, sweater, and jacket on top.  LOL…my kids are winter wimps!

winter kids 

I was sooo much better in my shorts and t-shirt…until my feet got cold and I had to hunt down these that I had not seen since last winter…..

slipper feet

So there you go….cool weather has finally made an appearance in South Florida and we wimpy people stood up to that 71 degree temperature!

On the food forefront, FabHubs made his homemade  English Muffins:

homemade english muffins

And I succumbed, along with one egg and a piece of bacon, a lot worse than oatmeal, but much better than my former two eggs, two bacon, english muffin with butter and preserves breakfast.

.bacon and eggenglish muffin and fig preservesDinner is yet to come…but we will sit outside tonight and enjoy the cool temperatures and build  a fire.


Vicki said...

Love those boots (or are they slippers?)! They look super cosy. My feet are ALWAYS cold so I need to find me something like that :)

Speaking of Florida -- My fam is headed there next week. We are taking our first trip to Disney World... everyone is SO excited.

Beckstrom7 said...

70's i can handle its the dang 30s that get me lol. Out of curiosity do you have the recipe for those yummy looking english muffins (I LOVE english muffins and so do my kids).

Mindy said...

Oh, I second that request for the recipe. :0) they look fabulous. Good job on portion control. I’m a firm believer in not depriving yourself but being smart about it!

Jewel said...

Vicki: They are slippers! And they really are cozy. You picked the BEST time to go to WDW! The weather should be cool and not humid and this is when the lines are the shortest. Make sure you Fastpass everything you can that has one...I send the Hubs ahead to do that. Also, even though it has a window of time to use can use it anytime after that start time, even if it is 5 hours after the ending time (did I explain that well??? It might be confusing). Anyway...have a great time...We love WDW and live only 3.5 hours we go lots! I am jealous!!! And if I had some extra time I would have tried to come up and meet you!

Mindy and Becks: They are the best! We are spoiled and Thomas' are not our favorite anymore. Yes I will get the recipe up...probably closer to the end of the week as I have two days, today and tomorrow, jam-packed with work since I took yesterday off to be with the kids (no school yesterday).

Christen Farmer said...

Have to laugh about the weather. It's turned pretty chilly here (i think)... yesterday morning when i took kids to school temp in my van said 42... I'm thinking how close that is to being in the 30's.. lol.. but i'm sure you other gals in utah are laughing at the both of us.. oh well.. great job on not eating too many of the biscuits.. they look great. enjoy the weather.