Monday, October 5, 2009

On the Menu For Today

I do track my meals religiously in the online WW planner but I can see in the (not too near) future at some point canceling that monthly plan and I want to have a permanent record of my daily meals. 

Once I cancel I lose everything, so I have decided if nothing else, to try to consistently journal my daily meal plan here…photos when I can but at the very least, just writing it out.  I had bought the three-month  tracker from WW, but keeping the online tracker, doing the written journal, and blogging (along with work, kids, house, my camping website) has proven to be too much for me and I have been a major slacker in the writing it down journal department.

Since I am blogging anyway, this seems an ideal combo!

So without further ado, here would  be my eats so far today!

Started off this morning with a Green Monster.  A scoop of chocolate Amazing Grass superfood, half a banana, 1 TBS ground flaxseed, a few BIG handfuls of raw baby spinach, a cup of Vanilla Almond Milk, and some crushed ice.  I made a double batch and the Fab Teenager took one with him for the ride to school.  He is loving these every day as well.  Funny…he saw me making mine last week in the afternoon with the spinach and asked me to make his the next time the same way…..when I told him I had been putting the spinach in there the whole time he was pretty surprised….he had no clue!  Told you that you can’t taste it in there!

Right before driving the Fab Preteen to school, I had my dose of espresso.  Still not giving that up!

When I got back I was kind of hungry…originally I was going to juice but I decided to have that as a pick me up in the afternoon, and have a good breakfast for the time being.  

I had an awesome Superfood breakfast!  This was 3 oz of Fage 0% yogurt with 1/3 cup of canned pumpkin, 1/2 TBS honey, and one of the delicious Oatmeal/Flaxseed Raisin cookies we made last week crumbled over it.  I also dosed it with some pumpkin pie spice!

Out of this the yogurt, pumpkin, oats, flaxmeal, raisins, honey,  and cinnamon  are all on the Superfoods list (14 in the original book but he adds 10 more in his followup book).

Yesterday I joined a local organic produce buying club….getting lots of organic produce at great prices!  I am off now to get my first pickup and I am excited at the bounty that awaits me!  Tons of fruits and veggies…Ms. Fab Preteen and I will be in Heaven!

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