Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not Quite Pumpkin Pie

By 11:30 I was starting to feel a little hungry but I didn’t want to stop working quite yet for lunch  so I had my Green Monster of the day.  

Since I had an open can of pumpkin in the fridge I decided to experiment a little and turned this into a Superfood bounty!  Into the blender went the Almond Milk, 1 TBS ground flax seed, 1 scoop Original Amazing Grass Superfood, big handful of raw spinach (from the organic box!), some crushed ice, and I dumped a whole bunch of pumpkin pie spice into the blender as well.  I had brought out a banana for sweetness, but decided to save the extra point and didn’t add it in.

Not bad!  Not quite pumpkin pie filling, but sweet and very good as far as these green powersmoothies go.

Best of all, full of super health goodness with pumpkin, spinach, and cinnamon (in the pumpkin pie spice) all from the Superfoods list…plus the big benefits of the flax seed and the Amazing Grass

All for only 1.5 points!

Speaking of pumpkins…while the rest of the country seems to be breaking out into fall, here in South Florida we are SUFFERING through a heat wave this week!

In my house we have not had A/C since last fall.  Not so bad when it was cool last winter but this summer in our house was brutal for our family.  Since right now we don’t have $$ means to replace it, we have eagerly been anticipating the arrival of October, which, while we don’t cool down as much as the rest of the country, is when the humidity breaks and normally we get some relief from the brutal hot and sticky temps in the 90s. 

Yes…normally in October we make it down to the 70s, but all this week will be record highs for South Florida.  OH JOY!

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