Monday, October 5, 2009

Great WI Today!

Today was WW weigh-in day and I did a whole lot better than I did for BL weigh-in day last Thursday.  I had been sort of hovering up and down for a few weeks, unable to get down past a certain point, ready to cross a zero but  never making it.

As of last Thursday though, I have been trying to lean more towards a plant-based diet with less meat products.  (more on that later) I did have chicken on Friday night, and I did eat a hot dog at the pumpkin unloading Saturday (and felt ridiculously guilty after that!)  but otherwise since Thursday a.m. that is the only meat I have eaten.

Well TA-DA! That seems to have been the boost my needed to get over the hump it was struggling with! This morning’s weigh-in was a surprise!

Down 3 pounds from last Monday….and last Thursday.  Across a zero (YAY!) but down one point in my Weight Watchers food points as well (BOO!) 

And I am feeling great to boot!

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