Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dropping The Ball

Oh Yeah…that is me!  I have way too many balls in the air at the moment and I have dropped the ball that is daily food journaling!  A big  No-No!

Yesterday was a complete train wreck anyway as far as food was concerned.  At FabPreteen’s school it was Hispanic Heritage Day (She wanted to bring  in Greek or Jewish food to celebrate her own nonHispanic heritage LOL!).  I made plain ole rice which didn’t even get opened anyway because one of the other kid’s grandmother’s made a huge tray of Cuban roast pork (YUMMMMMM!) and another huge tray of rice.

But the spread was fantastic!  I was really impressed with how many parents sent in stuff to our class this year.  This is 7th grade!  Last year we would get very little!

I was going to be good…really I was!  I started off the morning with a bowl of Kashi U cereal with Almond Breeze, and  an espresso.  I also made a Green Monster to drink on the run.

They had tons of skits and a mariachi band that was great. 

Then we went inside to eat.   I was not going to eat any meat!  I haven’t all week since a little chicken Monday night.   But I broke down as usual.  My plate wasn’t too  bad…I had some roast pork (I left the skin over), some rice, a bunch of salad, half  an empanada, a croqueta (okay…those  are bad!), half a pan de bon (Colombian cheese bread),  three or four maraquitas (fried plantain  chips), Coke (ugh!), flan (OMG that was so good!).

I didn’t eat the brownies or cupcakes.  See..I  showed some restraint!

Back at home later on I juiced up all the grapes for FabTeen.   It was pretty good (I had a sip!).  Then I juiced up my energizing apple/carrot/ginger/beet combo.

Around 7ish we were hungry and FabHubby was working late so the FabTeen and I decided to try out a new restaurant near our house that has stone-fired pizza. 

We ordered the  one that has Ricotta, Fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Basil, Homemade Sauce, and I didn’t realize it had prosciutto on it until it came.  Also, I had eggplant added to it.  I looooovee ricotta and eggplant on my pizza.

It was good…we were hungry.   I had THREE slices.  Yes, three (head hung in shame).   FabTeen kept telling me that this isn’t like regular pizza as the crust is extremely thin, almost cracker-like, so it wasn’t so bad.   He is so cute!  He had three slices too…but he is a teenager and a guy.  They can do that!

We brought  the leftovers home for FabHubby.

Today better be better!

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