Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Straight to the Point

Breakfast:  Espresso with 1 tsp sugar

Regular coffee w/ FF Coffeemate

Green MonsterAlmond milk/flax meal/1/2 banana/spinach/Amazing Grass


Lunch:  Salad with all sorts of veggies,  7 shrimp, 1 TBS feta, 3 Kalamata olives

1 Honeycrisp apple;  1 TBS almond butter


That is it so far today…I picked up an organic produce box Monday and we are gorging on fruits and veggies. 


I will try Kale Chips later today with the head of kale that came in the box.

I am sucking at entering things into WW too these days!  But I know I am staying within my points.  

Boy do I need to  be writing when biting!


Ellura said...

hope you had a good weekend - good luck with your food journaling. I have started and I think it really helps - except I struggle to keep up on it during the weekend! Sounds like you are doing good - keep it up. :)

Karilynn said...

Oh Jewel!! It's so hard to keep track of everything.. but you are doing it. :) Congrats!

Moi said...

I know it seems like it should be easy to remember what you eat but so much effort at times. It does keep you accountable though. Good luck!

Jewel said...

It does keep me accountable! Thanks for the encouragement.

I have trouble with it on weekends too. Having everybody around gets my routines all off track.