Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Revisiting the Rest of Yesterday

Since I never had the chance to come back on yesterday and finish off my meals, I wanted to quickly log in what I had the rest of the day:

Lunch was an awesome salad with my fresh organic produce topped with half an ounce of feta and 4 Kalamata olives from the Middle Eastern store.  I put a splash of red wine vinegar on top, although I didn’t need this…the feta gave enough flavor.

On the side I also had a TBS of baba ganoush, a TBS of hummus, and an Arnold Sandwich thin for the dips.   I originally had brought out a piece of the whole wheat pita I bought at the Middle Eastern store the day before…but to my great disappointment it was moldy!  I will take it back to exchange…but I had to settle for the Arnolds.

Dinner was on the run…as it always is on Tuesdays.   Not only do wee have scouts on Tuesday nights but we have to pick up two of our kids from two different places (one from his mother and one from her father) and they do not live close.   For tonight’s dinner on the run I mixed up the rest of the avocado and made some more of that delicious homemade guac (chopped up scallion, grape tomato, and a huge amount of  cilantro…then a sprinkle of lemon juice and salt).  I put this on an Arnolds again with a bunch of lettuce.  This was Heaven!!!

I also took along a Honeycrisp apple but I was too full to eat it!

When I got home I still had 5.5 points left!!!  So I snacked on two  of the oatmeal/flax/raisin cookies and indulged myself with 2 tsps of almond butter…I rarely have enough points extra to have that treat.

I ended the day using exactly my allotted 22 points!  Not bad.

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