Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Am A Loser! But Not The Biggest Loser

As of January 1 the Biggest Loser competition I entered has finally finished…and while I wasn’t the Biggest Loser and didn’t win any months or overall….I still am a big winner!

This was a four-month competition between a bunch of fabulously motivating and inspirational women I met online!!  Everybody seemed to know each other and the majority lived in the Utah and Colorado area, except me!  I was the lone east coast representative…way on the other side of the country.

On September 1 we weighed in, with a picture of the scale, (a very scary moment for me!  I never share my weight) and kicked off the contest.  Being on Weight Watchers, and having done pretty well so far at the time, I thought I had a chance here.

On the first of every month we checked in with  another scale picture…and at the first check-in I was totally blown away!  The 1st place winner had lost over 20 pounds in one month!  I had lost a measly 3 pounds.

And so it went!  These ladies worked hard…exercising, watching what they ate, blogging, and exercising some more.  They sure put me to shame!!!

But they were so motivating…they made me even want to go running! (I didn’t actually DO it though).

In the overall scheme of things I actually placed quite well.  23 ladies finished the competition yesterday and out of those I placed 6th.  No money…but a very respectable finish.

Over the four-month period I lost a total  of 14 pounds.  I really thought I would hit at least 20….but 14 is great…especially when that last month falls during the biggest eating season of the year!

I managed to lose 4 pounds between Christmas and New Year’s!  Not too shabby!

Yes, my weight loss has slowed dramatically and I have some resolutions and goals to attend to for the new year.

There is another competition coming up as well…I  would like to join but I also know that I will never be a 20 pound in one month loser…I take it slow and steady, and because of that I am not sure it is worth the $$ for me.  (I still have three whole days to think about it though!)

But I did want to thank Melissa and Karilynn for putting the effort and work into this (even on New Year’s Day you were working!).

I had a lot of fun and it was a pleasure “meeting” all of you.


Karilynn said...

Hi Jewel!! Congrats on losing over the holidays. I've LOVED reading your entries and looking at your yummy food. I wanted to let you know that we would LOVE to have you in the next comp. One of the gals who is joining kind of pointed out to me that even though she knows she will not win money, it's totally WORTH the money. Kind of like much cheaper than weight watchers but still getting the support and accountability. Either way.. I'm so glad to have met you!! I wish the best for you in your future in weight loss and in life! You have been a fantastic support!! THANK YOU!!

Jessie (Vegan-minded) said...

Losing 14 pounds is GREAT! Congratulations, you are definitely a big winner. :)

jewel@fit-and-fabulous-jewel said...

Thanks Karilynn....I appreciate that! You are a pretty fantastic motivator yourself!

I am thinking about it! I do love the motivation and accountability and support.

I will probably go ahead....but I need to take a look at the bank account tomorrow too! I will let you know by Tuesday!

Jessie...thanks! I am very pleased...I have actually lost 22 pounds since July!

I may have to drag you out with me a few days a week to walk!! I can use some like-minded company.