Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Tale Of The Scale

Because I am losing, the scale and I have actually been getting along quite well lately!   I am usually kind excited to see what good ole scale has to say to me many mornings.

But last month was a little frustrating…I was eating well, but hovering!  Grrrr!!!  I just couldn’t blast through the floor of 171 pounds!  I had a seriously vicious cycle going…up three or four pounds, down 1, down another, down again…the up…then down…then…I am sure you get this picture!

And then one morning, about three weeks ago, I hopped on the scale AND I WAS DOWN 7 POUNDS!  SEVEN!  Was this right?  Was something wrong with the scale?  How could this be? 

I really really really wanted it to be right of course!  I was kind of excited!!!  But I was a little afraid to give in to that excitement in case it was a fluke…this was SEVEN pounds! 

I stepped off the scale…then stepped back on.  SAME THING!  So good so far!  I tried one more time, off and then back on…I was still down!

Now I was feeling pretty good!  FabPreteen came downstairs and I hustled her over to the scale for a second consultation from an independent physical specimen….yes, I made her weigh herself!

SHE had not lost seven pounds!  She was still in the ballpark of where she had been…good for me…that meant my weight loss was a good possibility here! 

Now finally I allowed myself to be excited…and because I was so light, I floated through the day on cloud nine!!!


And then that evening, FabHubs said to me out of the blue, “Hey…did you weigh yourself this morning?  I was down about six pounds!”

Well with those words I immediately crashed back to earth!  Uh-Oh…was something wrong with the scale after all? 


So FabHubs, changed the battery and calibrated it…and made sure it was flat, and did all the technical things necessary to make sure the scale was doing its job the way it is supposed to.

And guess what…hee hee!  I am getting thinner!!!!

(Ummm…so is he apparently….I am the one who needs to lose weight and it is still dropping off of him faster than it is me!  MEN!)

Since that roller coaster of a day the scale and I have become really tight…it is my friend at the moment! 

Yes, it is showing better and better numbers each week…and while I know many of the competitors are blowing me away in weight loss…..I am looking forward to my Losing To Win weigh-in this month. 

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